Monday, January 8

Even after rereading it's still good...

I spent the weekend rereading Meljean's Demon Angel and guess what? It's still an excellent read. There's a passage on page 68 that sums up so much of why this book works for me...

Guardian's milled about--men and women, some with wings, some in human garb, some nude--and he searched the faces for the one who had come for him, saved him.

And did not see her.

"Where is she?" He blushed as Michael raised his brows. Would the Doyen think his intentions toward the woman impure? But still he asked, "My angel."

Michael did not reply.

Hugh swallowed and looked at the ground. Pure, clean--no dirt or rot. "'Twas Lilith?"


How could it be? Except that there must be good in her, must be something within her that resists the demon. "Can she be saved?" Did he not owe it to her to try?

Michael studied him with obsidian eyes. "I can not save her."

Hugh nodded. If a place like Caelum could exist, then it surely possible to save a demon. "Then I will."
"Then I will."

I love that.

Good vs Evil and the gray that falls between.

It takes 800 years, but they save each other.


Meljean Brook said...


Thanks, Tara Marie. You're my first re-reader!!

mamx said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww 800 years ? sheesh. how come you are rereading ? today is snowy. it was the million dollor snow powder - skiing snow dont cha know? - and then it turn some to rain or ick pellets but it so warm and it melting so it slushy and well tue wed sunny. i live in canada .global warming ha. it worse i think. we all gonna have to move to high country i think. have a good day ya all as that cook paula of the food channal says . mmmm

Avid Reader said...

I marked that passage down, too. Loved that scene.