Friday, January 12

So, what did I learn while meandering through my list of books for my Favorites of 2006...

Strong character driven stories will suck me in, add good dialogue, I don't even need a strong plot to be completely entertained, I'll just follow the characters around until there seems to be some sort of ending, Eloisa James' Pleasure for Pleasure is proof of that--LOL.

I prefer paranormal romances that really lean toward the dark side. I know some people don't think horror and romance work together, but they do for me.

I take my Romantic Suspense light on the romance, strong on the suspense. Now you would think I should just read straight suspense or mystery, ah but no, I still want a hint of romance and a HEA.

Give me a historical with an interesting time period (take that as anything other than Regency) and I'm likely to enjoy it.

I can reread favorites over and over and over and over and over again--LOL.

Okay, so can any of the grammar experts tell me is it "a historical" or "an historical"?

Have a great weekend, and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

I think it ought to be 'an' historical, but I'm no grammarian. Have a great weekend!

Jenster said...

I'm with Amanda.

I answered your question about "Lady of Sin" on my blog. It was definitely one of my favorites for the year.

Also - I'm thoroughly enjoying "Winter Garden". Thanks for the recommendation!

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, I thought "an" sounded better too.

Jen, I'll head over and take a look at your comments. Glad you're enjoying Winter Garden. Rosario recommended it to me and it's probably one of my new favorites.

Kat O+ said...

I just read PfP and I liked it! I think I would have liked it better if I didn't have the echoes of bad reviews floating in my head as I went along.

It's a historical if you pronounce the "H" and an if it's silent. (Think of a human and an heir.)

Megan Frampton said...

I share your love of Eloisa James, Tara, even though she does stuff that a lesser writer would have difficulties with. But I just love her style, I float along reading it, and her people are so real, and who cares if there's not much of a plot? I am wondering how she'll do with Desperate Duchesses, that series takes place in the Georgian period.

Rosario said...

Tara, that sounds a lot like what I like, too. Well, mostly. I'm right there with you in characters being more important than plot, and in enjoying a plotless wonder if the characters are strong enough. Also in liking darker paranormals, and interesting time periods. I only differ in prefering strong romance to strong suspense in RS!

Tara Marie said...

Kat--don't you just love Eloisa James?? If I'm seeing bad reviews for a book I think I'll like I wont read them. I thinking I may be somehow influenced by them. Thank you that was what I thought that was the grammar rule, but I see so man "a historical" I was starting to wonder.

Megan--OMG I had no idea her next series is Georgian, well I'm loving it already--LOL.

Rosario--well, three out of four ain't bad. "plotless wonder" I like that--LOL.

Sam said...

I have a whole bookshelf full of favorites that I pull out and re-read (comfort reads?) LOL
Sometimes I just want something familiar and well-loved.

Jennie said...

I'm with you on the weak plots. Couldn't care less if I love the characters! :) I need to read some more Eloisa James, have only gotten to one of hers.

And I think Kat is right about the article used with historical--maybe Brits say "an historical" but Americans say "a historical."

CindyS said...

Phew! I'm not a Brit but being Canadian we were taught 'an historical'. But then, we're weird that way what with our colour and favourite and honour ;)

I'm over the romantic suspense but I think it may depend on my mood. I seem to just want stuff to happen 'now, now, now' and I have lost my patience for plots that pull away from the romance.

At least, lately ;)


Tara Marie said...

Sam, you're right there is something very comforting in rereading a favorite.

Jennie, I can meander with an interesting pair of characters with witty dialogue forever and be quite happy with it. I'm a real Eloisa James fan, her voice and style suck me in even when the book isn't that good *cough* Taming of the Duke--LOL.

Cindy, I don't remember being taught a "rule" for the silent "h" but it sounds better.

Marie said...

Just an FYI. The example using historical and heir is correct, because generally the rule calls for "an" to be used before words that begin with a vowel sound and "a" before a word beginning with a consonant. Of course it seems there is always an exception for our grammar rules. Probably more than you want to know. (lol)