Tuesday, January 23

Yesterday: Migraine

Today: Bingo

The migraine was actually Sunday night into Monday morning, but I spent most of yesterday with a migraine hangover. Today I've got to work bingo, so I wont be around during the day.

Hope everyone is reading something exciting.

One more thing ** The hubby is reading Son of the Morning!! ** I'll post his thoughts when he finishes it.


Jenster said...

Ooo! Anxious to hear what he thinks about that book.

Hope you're feeling better.

Kristie (J) said...

You know what would be really fun if he's up to it? If he would do a guest review!!! That would really be something. Tell him I asked him to and add a pretty please *g*. How great to get a review on a romance book from a male perspective!!!

CindyS said...

Yeah, but, you didn't tell him it was a romance did you? Cause it's mostly not ;) IMHO, of course.

Hope you are feeling better and that you didn't have to smack too many elderly hands at Bingo.


Tara Marie said...

Jen and Kristie, I'm hoping I can get him to write a review. It should be interesting--LOL.

Cindy--The old folks weren't too cranky yesterday. Complained about it being too cold in the gym, but then someone cranked up the heat and all were happy.

Kristie (J) said...

Oh goodie!!! I hope he does!! Even the fact that he's reading it is pretty cool!