Thursday, January 4


So are Undecorating and Dedecorating real words? My day so far has consisted of taking down the Christmas decorations from around the interior of the house and putting back the normal decorations. I've still got the outside things and the Christmas tree to tackle. The tree will come down on Monday and the outside things some time between now and then. I love putting out the Christmas stuff, but hate putting it away, it's makes Christmas season officially over.

Got to go, I've still got a ton of clean laundry to put away and a sink full of dishes to do before and picking up the boy at school by 2:55.

Have a good one and happy reading (hoping to finish Angels on Crusade and Hard Evidence today).


ames said...

Hey Tara, our tree is still up. Will probably be that way for a while. LOL We were late putting our tree up, so I think it'll stay up that much longer. I like the lights, so I'm not complaining.

Suisan said...

My Christmas tree stayed up last year until February. That sets a new record in my life. Not one I'm very proud of, but it's important to wave at these moments as they pass by.

When I put up the tree this year, it was soo easy!! Because all the ornaments were packed neatly in boxes, and the boxes were still right where I left them: in the Living Room where the tree stood just before I took it down in Feb of 2006.

This year I've got only this weekend to take the thing down--the Boy Scouts will shred it for municipal mulch, but only on the first 2 weekends after Christmas. After that, it's fend for yourself.

Tara Marie said...

Ames, our tree is still taking water, so I'm tempted to leave it up a little longer, but now it seems lonely without the rest of the decorations.

Suisan, February!! it must have been kindling by then--LOL.

CindyS said...

Bob took everything down tonight (Jan 7th) and put things away - he's much better at that than I am. The house always looks a little nude after Christmas though doesn't it.

Ooops, I just noticed the banister stuff is still up. Ugh. I think that one will be mine to clean up seeing as how I need a new tote to store it.