Monday, February 12

Ten Weird Things About MeMe

Amanda tagged me for 10 weird things...

  1. I hate wearing socks. Even when it's freezing out I wear my shoes without socks. Only put on socks when there's enough snow on the ground to get in my shoes.
  2. I almost never wear make-up.
  3. I blow dry my son's hair more than my own.
  4. I talk to myself--a lot. The last time we were at my mom's house she was mumbling to herself in the kitchen and my son pointed out "My mom does that too."
  5. I've never smoked, never tried illegal drugs and rarely drink--I actually think this might make me a freak--LOL.
  6. I don't curse, I may fudge things a bit, but I have to be lunatic mad to curse and the only person on earth that can make me that mad is the hubby.
  7. A wall without some sort of art looks naked to me, and we've got pictures of Junior in every room of the house, including the bathroom--cute shots of the boy shaving when he was three.
  8. My hair got wavier/curlier after having my son.
  9. I'm a numbers geek, I count mile markers, play freecell in number order, do puzzle books front to back. I have even matched the tripmeter in my car to the odometer.
  10. I'm allergic to just about everything. Well, I was before allergy shots. I went for weeks of testing and discovered I was allergic to everything they tested me for with the exception of dogs and pine trees. The pine trees was good because we always have real ones at Christmas, but I thought the PA at the allergist had to be crazy because I always had horrible allergic reactions after petting dogs. Turns out I wasn't allergic to the dogs, but rather all the pollen they collect on their coats.

So, who should I tag? How about Kristie, Sybil, Bev, Erika, Giselle, Renee, Devonna, Rosie, Suisan, Wendy?


Bookwormom said...

#2, #3, & #7 apply to me as well. #8- My hair is thinner after child #3. :( Not that I had a lot of hair to start with. Thanks for playing!

Jenster said...

I can relate to #5 and #6. Okay. I did try my mom's cigarettes, but I've never tried any drugs, including pot. That probably is really weird. I don't drink much, either. Just every now and again.

I don't cuss, either. Except to maybe say, "bitchen", LOL Every now and again something will fly, but never, NEVER the F-word. LOL I hate that word.

CindyS said...

1. If I have been barefoot all day I have to wash my feet before going to bed - so that might be weird ;)

2 - me neither - only if I go to a wedding or have to dress up and since that happens about once a year I begin to wonder if my make-up spoiled and I should even be using it.

4 - yes, and I don't mumble.

5 - I tried a cigarette at 23, no illegal drugs ever and only drink about once a year.

10. Ouch - glad you got shots!


ReneeW said...

Just back from vacation and already you're putting me to work. I should have Bob help me with this. He thinks I'm weird most of the time. :)

sybil said...

dude! What did I do to you?

weird things... about me? hmmm that might be hard *g*

sybil said...

done ;)

Kristie (J) said...

No 8 - mine too! And as for playing Free Cell - while I don't do it in order *g* I am totally addicted.
And *ah* I already got tagged.