Monday, February 5

My Turn...

It's Mommy's turn with the stomach virus. Junior's only lasted about 12 hours, I figure I should be better by breakfast tomorrow.

Before it hit, I picked up a few books at the UBS and the new RT. I just finished a quick flip through and found a few books...

  • And Then He Kissed Me -- Laura Lee Guhrke 4 1/2 * (top pick)
  • Voices of the Night -- Lydia Joyce 4 1/2 * (top pick)
  • The Hourglass -- Barbara Metzger 4 1/2* (top pick)
  • The Sword & The Sheath -- Bonnie Vanak 4*
  • Innocence and Impropriety -- Diane Gaston 3*
  • Beau Crusoe -- Carla Kelly 3*

The first 3 are top picks, there was one more top pick--Cheryl Holt's Secret Fantasy, but I decided to pass, I always love the premise of her books, but I'm always disappointed in the actual execution. I really like Gaston's writing style and I'm really surprised by a 3 * rating for Beau Crusoe.

What rock have I been living under? I had no idea Lisa Kleypas' Sugar Daddy is coming out in hard cover. I'm putting myself on the library list tomorrow.

  • Lover Revealed by JR Ward--the synopsis for this is amazing can not wait!!
  • Succubus Blues -- Richelle Mead
  • Warlord -- Elizabeth Vaughan

Have a good one, and happy reading.


Diane Perkins said...

Hi, Tara,

I have a google alert on my name and your blog popped up.

Thank you so much for your Interest in Innocence and Impropriety. I, too, was surprised at the review, because I don't think my prose is ponderous or my characterization mild, but I realize not everyone will fall in love with my books. Innocence & Impropriety continues from where A Reputable Rake left off and tells Rose's story.

I'd love to hear what you think of the book! You can either reach me through the risky regencies blog or at

Thanks for your interest and support!
Diane Gaston Perkins

Diane Perkins said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Jenster said...

Good job at the UBS!

Hope you're feeling better quickly.

CindyS said...

Yikes! Sorry about the stomach virus - I hate them with a passion of a zillion suns. May explain why I'm not eager to go out in the world this time of year ;)

I was also surprised that Kleypas' book was going to be a HC - I'm so not dishing out for that unless I get desperate - that's been known to happen. I'm staying away from synopsis and reviews and anything to do with Lover Revealed because I'm already antsy with anticipation - knowing anything would send me over the edge!


Tara Marie said...

Diane, I'm so glad I popped up and you popped in, I've really enjoyed the books you've written under both names, so I was excited to see your new Harlequin coming out. To be honest I don't trust their grading system, obviously if I would pass on a 4 1/2* to pick up 3* books.

I'll definitely let you know my thoughts about the book.

Jen (and Diane)--I am feeling much better. I was so hungry this morning I wolfed down a turkey roll up for breakfast.

Tara Marie said...

Cindy, with the boy I have no choice but to crawl out every day and risk all sorts of icky viruses--LOL.

I would kill to get on JR Ward's ARC list, okay maybe not kill, but you know what I mean--LOL.

Wendy said...

Boy, lots of people seem to be getting knocked out by that stomach flu. Please God, don't let it get to Califronia!

I'm really curious to see how the Lisa Kleypas hard cover does from a library stand point. Last time I checked, it only had 3 holds on it - but we'll see what happens once the release date gets closer and people start seeing it in bookstores.

And am I on the only one who could give a flying flip that J.R. Ward has a new book coming out? Once again, I show the world how patently uncool I am.....

Feel better soon!

Tara Marie said...

Wendy, I love the library for books like this one. Something I'm not willing to pay $20 for but still want to read NOW. My local library called and told me they're holding the new Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I was 25 in the queue total for the library system, but number 1 for our local library and they are stocking it. I figure if I get on the list now for the Kleypas I'll be high enough that even if the local library doesn't get it I'll still get it fairly quickly. Good lord, did any of that make sense--LOL?

And as to being uncool, I can completely understand a disinterest in the Ward series--it's filled with cliches and annoying dialogue but for some reason they still work for me. Wish I could explain it.