Saturday, February 3

The little guy's sick...

The school called yesterday morning. Junior was throwing up and I needed to pick him up. Oh boy, I also had to pick up the best friend as we'd already made plans for a play date and his mom wasn't going to be home in time to pick him up from school. One sick, one healthy, though I doubt that's going to last long. This stomach bug has been floating around that classroom for a month. I thought we lucked out and missed it.

Twelve hours of throwing up and wham he's feeling better. But I'm not giving him anything that may upset that sensitive tummy. The ice pop he had for breakfast was a big hit--Gatorade, saltines, apple sauce and a little chicken noodle soup, Danny Phantom chicken noodle soup--his favorite.

He fell asleep tonight at 6:45, so obviously he's not 100%.

The upside about being stuck in the house when I'm not playing Go Fish, Tractor Tipping, Trouble or watching DVDs ("Mom, come see this, it's so cool" usually something connected with the movie Cars) I get to read--I've finished 3 books in 3 days and started a 4th. Everything's on the sidebar. If I feel compelled I'll write reviews/commentary on them.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Anonymous said...

Awww - hugs for junior - I hope he's feeling 100% soon!!

Jenster said...

Poor Junior. I hope he's feeling better and can make it back to school tomorrow. I may have a girl home with me tomorrow. :o(

Bookwormom said...

Poor little guy. Hope he's better now.

CindyS said...

Ugh. I hope the worst is over and he's back to his chipper self.

I see you read Carla Neggars - since you are a Linda Howard fangirl would you say she is like her? I have heard that and have the book in the TBR pile. Right now I'm playing eeni-meeni-minie-mo with the TBR pile.


Tara Marie said...

Ladies, he's much better and going to school, thank God--one more day of games would have made me nuts--LOL.

Cindy, This was my first Carla Neggers, so I can't say they all have strong characters and a good suspense story, but this one did. I'll be searching out her backlist at the UBS today.