Thursday, March 1

All Night Long

Have you ever noticed that sometimes old favorites still fit like a real comfortable pair of Birkenstocks, perfectly molded to your needs? I haven't read Jayne Ann Krentz in years, and I mean years. The other day while wandering B&N, desperate for something to read, like I don't have hundreds of books on my TBR pile, I discovered JAK's newest paperback release, All Night Long.

Completely predictable, quirky characters, witty dialogue, at least one main character with an odd extended family and a pretty good mystery--and best of all--well written.

Just what I needed.


Jane said...

You haven't missed much taking a JAK vacation. This one was her best in a long time. I just finished reading White Lies and was pretty disappointed.

ONe thing that I liked about All Night Long is that her characters weren't so wacky this time around. They had their neurosis (plural version??) but weren't so out there as to be abnormal.

I like her more when she relies on wit rather than wacky to pull off the attraction between the characters.

Tara Marie said...

ONe thing that I liked about All Night Long is that her characters weren't so wacky this time around. They had their neurosis (plural version??) but weren't so out there as to be abnormal.

You're probably right--so out there as to be abnormal--LOL

Though I have to admit at one point Irene thinking to herself something about her "personal universe" and I did a little "oh, no where's she going with that?" but she didn't take it any further.

I wont be putting her back on my autobuy list, but I will pick her up once in a while instead of doing an all out ban :D

Rosie said...

I'd taken a vacation from Nora Roberts contemp HC releases and didn't buy them when they came out in paperback because her writing voice just wasn't working for me.

Then I read ANGEL FALLS last year and it was one of my favs of 2006.

JAK was always a fav and I haven't read her in ages, maybe I'll give this one a go.

BTW, congrats on the DEMON MOON arc. I haven't read DEMON ANGEL yet. I'd read a few reviews and wanted enough time to let them filter out of my memory before reading it.

I just finished catching over at Dear Author on the post and comments about authors posting on reader blogs. Sheesh, I take a break for one day and holy Hannah!

Jaye said...

JAK is a comfort read for me.
She doesn't always hit it out of the ballpark, but there's something about her mix of character type, emotion, wit and sexual tension that mostly works at all times. Just can't have a steady diet of her. ;-P

Ann(ie) said...

I used to love her Amanda Quick historicals, but right around the time they started coming out in hardback, they stopped doing it for me. I haven't read too many of her contemps, and none of her futuristics as Jayne Castle.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I've never taken a Nora vacation. Angel Falls was one of my favorites from last year too.

The Dear Author comments were interesting.

Jaye, I think it's probably consistancy, it's why I read Nora Roberts and Linda Howard faithfully. Even when they're not spot on they're still good.

Annie, I stopped reading Quick when I stopped reading JAK to be honest if her JAK books are predictable her Castle books are even more so, at least I always thought so.

Kristie (J) said...

When I saw your post I remembered how long it's been since I've read JAK. I remember hearing good things about this one when it first came out in HC. I was at Walmart tonight, it was there and it yelled at me as I was picking up books - "Buy Me! You know you want to!" So, who can refuse a book when it yells at you, so I listened and got myself a copy tonight!

sybil said...

Is this the hotel one? I wanna read it. I think I have it. I have picked up some of her old categories too. I love them a la Sandra Brown.


But I haven't tried any yet.

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, apparently I don't even have to have read any good reviews, if the darned thing screams "Buy Me! You know you want to!" I'm going to do it--LOL

Sybil, it's not a hotel, it's a lodge on a lake and I LOVE her old category romances and I've got a ton of them somewhere--LOL