Friday, March 2


Last night our school had a financial meeting, it seems the powers that be in the Parent Guild want us to have all our ducks in a row before our new pastor arrives in July. I volunteered for 2 committees. I know what am I thinking?? LOL

On the way to the meeting I stopped at the library and picked up Innocent in Death, it turns out I was first in the queue :D I've only got it for a week, so it moved up to the top of my TBR pile. I've got about 100 pages left, I'll probably have it finished before I go to bed.

It was one of those weird days, we had a 2 hour delay for school this morning because of ice, but since it's "First Friday" he only had half a day. Dropped the child off at 10:25 and picked him up at Noon. First Friday also means he can have a Happy Meal or BK Kids Meal for lunch. I spent time on-line research for one of the new committees, and putting the finishing touches on my next RTB column. And spent a large chunk of the afternoon reading while Junior watched The Polar Express for the 1000th time. Made fish tacos and rice for dinner--no meat on Fridays, to be honest I can live without fish tacos and I don't eat rice.

I'm just rambling. Have a good one and happy reading.


Kristie (J) said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think of IID! And do you know what the odds are of being first you lucky thing??? I think Renee said she was 205 or something on the waiting list. Since I have a copy, I don't have to worry, but you're going to have a lot of people pretty envious of that coup!

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, It was odd, when I reserved the book I was 125 in the queue, but it turned out I was 1st for my library and they give to local library members before they ship a book to another library in our system.

I think I just lucked out.

PS It was excellent, but boy that man needed a smack in the head, even if he wasn't doing anything wrong.

mamx said...

fish taco? i dont think i would ever eat that no for sure i couldnt. had no idea there was such a thing. you can buy breaded scallop or other fishy thing nowaday in the grocery. but then again i live in canada and it sure seem our grocery are so different. news said snowstorn but it didnt come yet very werid it so sunny today . have great weekend! mamx

Ann(ie) said...

It took me three tries before I was able to get into the JD Robb books. Problem was, I read the parody on AAR before the actual books so I found it hard to take it seriously.

Once I got into them, though, I loved them. And I was amazed at how she could keep a married couple interesting and fresh. (Not to be snotty about marriage, but y'know...)

Jenster said...

Two committees?? At the same time?? LOL Been there, done that. :o)

I really need to go find the first "In Death" book. I think it's in the same box as "Lord of Scoundrels". Won't it be just like Christmas when I find it??

Tara Marie said...

mammx, we have a huge seafood selection at our local markets, but I had fillets in the freezer already and decided to use them up.

Annie, I'd read the first 10+/- before giving up on them but Born in Death sort of caught my attention so I started back up again.

Jen, That's to go with the 2 fundraising committees I'm already on, but one of the new ones is to help design a web site, not that I know anything about design, but I do know what needs to be included--that's my job.

Rosie said...

No meat on Fridays at our house during Lent meant soup and service at church. Potluck meatless soup and bread and then the stations of the cross. I did this for years. I've had more versions of lentil soup than I want to think about.

When I was a kid my Mom always made french toast on Fridays during lent. The Flintstones were on Friday evenings and we got to eat french toast on TV trays and watch the Flintstones. We really thought we were living high on the hog. Gad...I haven't thought about that in years.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I hate lentils, but I do wish our church had a program like this, maybe when the new pastor arrives.

Friday when I was a kid meant eggs, I also hate eggs--LOL. For several years we also kept no meat Wednesday.

French Toast and the Flintstones sounds like fun. The Child loves FT as it's called in our house and I've had weeks where I've made it every morning before school.

Bookwormom said...

You're a glutton for punishment re: 2 committees. LOL You'll be the best informed mommy int he parish. :)

Our favorite Lenten meals all revolve around pasta & shrimp. :P