Tuesday, March 6

Those odds and ends again

I've got a column up on RTB today.

I'm about 1/3 the way through Demon Moon all I can say is AMAZING :D My booklight's batteries were dying last night so I got up and started reading at the computer for a couple of hours. I've noticed for some reason I read slower when at the computer and the handheld. I wonder why because I'm not really skimmer.

Ran into the UBS yesterday to pickup Erica Orloff's The Roofer, she was able to get it from another UBS. It's a hard one to track down and comes highly recommended by both Wendy and Jane. Everytime I'm in the store the owner tries to talk me into buying her business, she's ready to retire. I wouldn't mind owning a bookstore, but I know for a fact this one just breaks even and is little more than an expensive hobby. Maybe I could do more with it and maybe I couldn't but I'm certainly not real interested in taking on a "hobby" with expenses that start with $1000 month rent and goes up from there. Though I do think she could be doing much more if she had a web site. She has someone interested but they'll move the inventory about an hour away to another UBS. I'd hate to see that happen.

Junior's best friend will be spending afternoons with us this week. His mom is out of town because of a death in her family, the situation is complicated and I wont go into the details. What makes kids think they can do things at other peoples houses that they would never be allowed to at home? The child squeezed the contents of a juice box all over my dining room table. "Would you do that at home?" "No" "Then don't do it at my house." I'm not real subtle--LOL. And it's too cold to send them out to play. It's going to be a long week.


Jenster said...

Very nice of you to keep the boy for the week. As for kids doing things at other's houses - major peeve of mine. I just hope mine never did stuff at other's that they weren't allowed to do here. LOL

Something that always bothered me when my kids would have friends over is when the friends would just go into the kitchen and start looking through the fridge and pantry, etc.

Good luck with the week. :o)

mamx said...

well about reading on the computer. if i read a large pring i notice i will read slower because i have to concentrate on one line at a time. the print is so big i have to make sure i dont mmm eyes wander too fast or something. it like too much at once . same thing with computer . print is diff and background is bright i find tinted pink or green is good. and it a whole screen to see on comptuer. one can make the content fit like a real page if one knows how.
i have a treo smartphone with palm in it . i find i can real really well on that . it is small but the print is readable somehow. it like the tv u dont notice how small it is you do see the whole movie like in the movie house. one mind work in wonderous way. so sorry i am posting so much. but it necessary. there i wont post for a long time . brrr too darn cold here. will be -30 in canada. that the new temp gauge not sure what it is usa ugh. i need a translater on temp for sure.

about them batteries. i think u need to either get stronger batteries or get rechargable ones. rechareable ones do last longer for some reason and you dont have to buy new ones. they do last a long time.
mamx from nb. back to lurking on reading about books so i knwo what to read. night

Tara Marie said...

Jen, I just hope mine never did stuff at other's that they weren't allowed to do here. Me too. The refrigerator thing--so rude. I'm starting to think my child is the only child left on earth that calls people Miss... Mr.... Mrs... (I'm sure that's not true, but it drives me crazy being called "Junior's Mom".)

Mamx, normally I use rechargable batteries, but just about all of them aren't taking a decent charge anymore, we need to buy some more.

Jenster said...

I think there's a huge difference in regions. When we were in the South pretty much all the kids we knew said, Miss, Mrs., Mr., etc. I don't notice it as much here.

Also, in the South you say, "Yes, Ma'am," or "No, Sir," even as adults. Here it seems to be insulting. LOL

Of course, not actually being from the South I had to learn all that as an adult.