Friday, March 16

Slowing down

My mini reading binge has slowed down to a crawl, not because I'm not interested in what I'm currently reading, but because life seems to be interrupting--that darned life.

Between school stuff (Parent Guild meetings and a Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser) and cleaning I haven't had much free time. One of the pre-schools affilitated with ours is having a tag sale next week. I started cleaning the room from hell, purging old books and toys. I have to do this when the child isn't home or he gets all misty eyed about what's leaving, but if I do it and then tell him what's gone he's fine. I can't quite figure that one out. One giant box, three shopping bags and a giant free standing horse later the room isn't finished, but it's looking much better.

The Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser was last night, we went from 4-6 and to be honest it wasn't bad, not too crowded with people not affiliated with the school. Junior had a great time--games, pizza, ice cream, prizes--what's not to love for a 5 year old. We're going back Sunday afternoon for a birthday party for a little girl who sent him his first offical Love Letter, It's sitting in a place of honor on top of our TV armoire in the living room. She also told him "I love you and I'm going to marry you and all the girls in our class want to marry you." I can't decide if I should be worrying.

We got a call from Junior's T-Ball coach, their first practice is next week (weather permitting as we're expecting 12-18 inches of snow today) and the first game will be some time Easter week.

Have a good one and happy reading.


ames said...

It was only a matter of time before your little man became a lady killer. LOL He's got such charm!

Rosie said...

It always feels good to get stuff cleaned up and purged, doesn't it?

As for the first love letter, don't you wonder if the little girl's parents know she's sending out marriage proposals? I always wonder(ed) that with my boys...still! : )

ReneeW said...

OMG, they start younger and younger these days, don't they. hehehe. Better watch out for that boy.

My son used to do the same thing when we cleaned his room at that age. He was such a hoarder but if you snuck it out he'd never miss it.

Jenster said...

LOL!!! The love letter is too much!! :o) I say be worried!!

Tara Marie said...

Ames, it's a little frightening, but he comes from a long line of charmers, at least on my husband's side of the family.

Rosie, don't you wonder if the little girl's parents know she's sending out marriage proposals? Are you kidding, I told the mother the next time I saw her. The little girl is her youngest of 4 girls and we had a good laugh together.

Renee, Better watch out for that boy. The child's been a flirt since birth. He's been collecting hearts of grown up women everywhere we go. I can't go anywhere without him without someone asking "Where's your little guy?... He's so cute... I hope you've got him on video..."

Jen, I say be worried!! The BF's mother tells me a that and how thankful her son isn't as pretty/cute. She figures her little guy is all too gangely[sp] at this point to attract attention from the girls.

Jenster said...

Taylor had a "wife" when he was in preschool. He demoted to several girlfriends by the time he got into kindergarten. Now he just has a bunch of friends who are girls. So maybe... LOL

CindyS said...

My best friend also has to do a clean out when the kids aren't home - they see something they haven't cared for in months and all of a sudden it's like you killed their puppy. I love purging but I haven't been doing it lately - I think my desk has beaten me.

And of course he has girlfriends! ;)


Kate D. said...

So cute! Everyone wants to marry your son... my two coworkers at school have sons (twins) and a daughter in the same class. The one coworker's daughter has a crush on "that boy that's really two boys. Twin Boy." Gets us laughing quite often at lunch.