Sunday, March 25


I'm officially off-line for a few more days, visiting my parents today and am using their computer. Our old dial-up modem shorted out our whole phone system before it died. This happened Thursday. Friday the entire system crashed, and the computer wont even turn on. We knew this was coming, but hoped it would last a little longer. I'll be looking at new systems this week and hopefully will be back on-line soon.

You'd think I'd be reading more, but between kid stuff (school, t-ball, piano) and a nasty cold, I've only finished a couple of books this week.

I'm going to try to do some blog hopping before leaving today.

Hope all are well and happy reading :D


CindyS said...

Phew, I was worried the Bingo crew had tracked you down and done you in ;) Sorry your computer kacked - but you'll love having a new one!


Rosie said...

Aw Tara Marie, I hate when you have to buy something (because it breaks) before you planned to. It always messes up the budget, doesn't it?

I hope you aren't off line too long. You'll be missed. I have my fingers crossed you find a great deal with everything you want to go with it!

Jenster said...

We'll miss you. Have fun finding a new computer, though!