Tuesday, March 20

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo

It's only once every 4 weeks...


Have a great day.


Jenster said...

So??? How'd you do??? LOL

Tara Marie said...

Jen, holy cow was it busy :) First off it was crowded, really crowded, and actually over staffed for a change.

We had an old woman collapse, she was there celebrating her 92nd birthday with her grand daughters--we all know her as "Gram" they're actually Tuesday regulars. According to one of the grand daughters this happens all the time--she doesn't get enough oxygen, from what I understand she's doing better.

Of course while waiting for the ambulance and paramedics bingo was stopped and there was only mild grumbling from the natives, but it put us 35 minutes behind schedule, which means the kids who are normally there for 25 +/- minutes were there for an hour--not good. Trying to keep 13 kids as quiet as possible for all that time was a mini nightmare.

Jenster said...

Holy moly! What an ordeal! I'm glad "Gram's" okay. Maybe Bingo is just too exciting for her? LOL

Sam said...

Lucky you!!
Sorry about the granny emergency - so glad she's doing better.

Ann(ie) said...

...was his name-o.

Was I the only one who started singing and clapping? Aw. :(