Thursday, May 3


Okay, I'm officially done with the latest brouhaha to hit the on-line romance reading community. Ms. Falk is officially "out there" as far as I'm concerned and I need to turn my attention elsewhere...

What the Hell is going on with LOST? Literally?? Are they all DEAD? Is it possible they're in Hell?? Is Ben the Devil? Are the rest of the "Others" his evil minions? Is it some sort of Purgatory?

We've got 2 episodes left and I'm thinking we're heading for a doozy of a cliffhanger.


Jenster said...

I think the only purgatory will be when we have to wait forever until the next season. I don't think they can truly be dead. Dead people don't die and people are dying all the time on the show. And we know about Juliet - she went there of her own free will - mostly anyway. Yeah, I'm just not buying the pergatory or hell theory.

Rosie said...

We are HEROS fans here. We had a 7 week hiatus in the middle of the season...the first one was 4 weeks...and after two episodes we are confused but glued to the TV. We can't tell if they plan to wrap up the series completely or just this story line or to quote Jenster, "...purgatory will be when we have to wait forever until the next season.

Tara Marie said...

Jen, I'm at the point where I'm completely clueless, not far to go--LOL. I agree Dead people don't die..., but perhaps they do if they're being moved on to somewhere else??

It ends in 2 weeks and then we'll be left waiting 4 months before we find anything out, that's assuming they don't simply plan to leave us all LOST.

Rosie, I've heard great things about HEROS, but I don't watch much TV--LOST and CSI (the original) is about it. But maybe I should add HEROS?

Kristie (J) said...

I refuse to believe they are dead!! They can't be dead. Not Sawyer. Ben can be dead - that would be ok - but not the plane crash survivors.

Rosie said...

TM, we don't watch much TV either. It was pretty much Heros and before it was cancelled Studio 60. We catch an occasional episode of MEDIUM and of course the male units watch sports.

As for Heros, it's one of those programs that is difficult to just jump in. Fortunately, if you are really interested this season's episodes are all available to watch on line (last I checked) for free.

How do my posts always get so long? I have good intentions when I start them.