Tuesday, May 29

Guilty Pleasure

The only book I've read in the last week was Susan Mallery's The Marcelli Princess.

Conceptually this book should have annoyed me, the whole plot line is beyond odd. Winery heiress becomes American spy after ex-boyfriend (domestic terrorist) tries to kidnap the President's daughter (her sister-in-law), falls in love with an antiquities thief she's supposed to be covertly watching, who turns out to be a prince from a small European Kingdom. also working undercover. She secretly has his baby after she thinks he's dead. He sees a picture of her and her child in a newspaper and realizes he's got an heir and the little boy's a "Prince". And, to add insult to injury, he plans to take the child away from his poor mother. Far-fetched enough, convoluted enough? **eyes roll repeatedly**

And yet I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Why you ask? Because it feeds one of my reading guilty pleasures--Commoner/Royalty stories. I don't read them very often, but when I do inevitably it's going to be a favorite--LOL.

Nora Robert's Cordina series is on my keeper shelf and it's now itching for a reread.

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nath said...

Well it's good that you enjoyed it :D I read 3 books of this series and I've never really liked Mia... and I couldn't come over the far-fetchness of the story... :P There's plotlines that work for some and don't for others.