Friday, May 4

Officially a Lynn Viehl Fangirl

I just finished Lynn Viehl's Night Lost. I am now an official Lynn Viehl fangirl. I knew it was coming. I loved the first book in the Darkyn series, If Angels Burn, even though there were other readers announcing it was too dark, not enough romance, it completely worked for me. The next two, Private Demon and Dark Need were both keepers too. This one may be my favorite, with the main storyline and the overall series story arc working together for a GREAT read.

You know the feeling you get when you close a book and realize the next one wont be out for at least 6 months? I'm devastated, okay not devastated, but really annoyed that this one's done and nothing is on the horizon until January of '08.

Before I can write a review/commentary I'll need to gather my thoughts, this one left me craving more and I'm a little scattered. Why? Because I just realized there's an ebook download for this series that somehow I missed. How? I rarely visit author websites (exceptions--the ones on my sidebar). I'll be adding Paperback Writer. I hate to admit it I've never been there before. So, while I'm there I see a cover I've never seen before, for a story in the series I've never read... Midnight Blues, a Darkyn Novella. "A Darkyn Novella", why don't I remember anyone mentioning this?? Not only does Adobe pop up with 108 pages, there's a huge list of other free downloads. I'm so pathetic I'm sure someone somewhere must have mentioned this. I live in my own world, surrounded by books, rubbernecking at on-line train wrecks, but go no where.

So, you can probably figure out what's up next on the TBR pile, but then I'm bereft, with nothing to read (not--LOL), knowing what I really want is Evermore. I've read the excerpt and already know it's going to be fantastic.

I wonder how hard it would be to get on Signet's ARC list? I somehow managed to get myself on Simon & Schuster's Historical Fiction list. Hmm, I'll have to work on this :D


Sam said...

Isn't Lynn a terrific writer???
I love her books too - and yes, it's frustrating tohave to wait for months to get a sequel. Argh!
LOL (maybe she'll send you an ARC?)

Amie Stuart said...

I'm actually working on the third book right now. I think I might finish it this weekend--sometimes being behind on a series is a good thing *g*

Rosie said...

Reading this actually gave me a slight punch of anxiety. I'm finishing WILD THING anth and NIGHT LOST is sitting on my night stand waiting. Gotta go hurry up and read now.

BTW, I had the same reaction to the first book. How much of your reaction and fascination is tied up with your catholicism do you think? Not that I think it's necessary to the reading experience, but as a catholic observing the possibility of some of the things she writes about.

ReneeW said...

I've never read this author before but you've peaked my interest. Does this book stand alone or should I start from the beginning of the series?

Tara Marie said...

Sam, I'm such a whiner aren't I?--LOL. Of course there's worse things in life.

Amie, but just think when you finish #3, #4 is waiting.

Rosie, well, I hope you like this one as much as I did.

As to the catholicism, it has a lot to do with it. As a Catholic, you probably have to be secure in your faith to read it. I would imagine there are some who find it offensive. Though technically the "Brethern" aren't really priests.

Renee, Unfortunately I think you need to read at least the first one--If Angels Burn. It sets up the story and the overall series' story arc, besides Alex and Michael's story is definitely worth reading.

Actually, I think you need to read them in order because really the story arc may not make sense.

Devon said...

I just read the first and really liked it.

Thanks for the heads up on the free downloads!

Tara Marie said...

Devon, If you liked "If Angels Burn" it's likely you'll like the rest.

Bookwormom said...

I've two others of hers in my TBR. Maybe I should ditch the library books and catch up!! I love her blog too. She's a very articulate woman.

Rowena said...

Oh goody, not only does she sound fantastic (I've never heard of her) but her covers are the business! Thanks for the heads up, I'm gonna go and look her up now!