Monday, May 14


Wendy, The Super Librarian tagged me for the Thinking Blogger award, which is rather funny considering most days I feel somewhat clueless. :)

I'm going to spread the "Thinking" joy and tag 5 more bloggers that always make me think and entertain at the same time...

  1. Megan's Writer's Diary

  2. Kristie J

  3. Rosario

  4. Jenster

  5. Jaye
Ladies, it is now your responsibility to spread the "Thinking" wealth, please tag 5 more great thinkers.


Ann(ie) said...

Oooh, you made someone think. I hope it didn't sting them too badly. :D

Jenster said...

Oh dear. I don't believe I'm much of a thinker. In fact my mind is pretty numb. LOL

As for you being clueless - hardly! You have some of the best book discussions on your blog. Yeah. You definitely make us think. :o)

Tara Marie said...


Jen, you always make me think and remind me what a good wife and mother is supposed to be :)

Jenster said...

You're too kind. Seriously! WAAAAAY too kind. LOL

But thank you for the very sweet compliment. :o)

Megan Frampton said...

Thanks, Tara!

I did my thingy, too.

I thought, even!

Jaye said...

Me? 'K, Tara, s'bout time to put the crack pipe down. ;-)

Can I reciprocate? I'm always checking your blog because you always have such interesting posts/topics.

btw, my verification word is 'eemofck'. Think about that! lmao.

Tara Marie said...

Jen, not too kind, you're a good reminder that life at times is filled with reality checks--thanks.

Megan, only another SAHM could appreciate our chaos, how is it possible with only one child?

Jaye, we've the same reading taste and you keep me completely entertained with bad jokes :D