Wednesday, May 30

It Takes a Village

So, for the last week the laundry has piled up and books have gone unread. Life got very busy, even busier than usual.

Why do you ask? It started with Jane and Sybil, their newest brainchild.

What if there was a website that was all about upcoming book releases? What if it was created by readers for readers?

Last week I received an email--'what do you think? you interested?' Well, what obsessive/compulsive reader wouldn't be interested? LOL. Everyone involved is taking on different jobs. I've been slowly working my way through June releases, and am now a copy and pasting champ, can load an upcoming release with all its information in less than 5 minutes--the OCD thing comes in handy for this :D

So, GO and visit. Click your way around and send us your thoughts.

What's on my agenda today? Laundry there's so much I need to go to the laundromat to get it all done. Maybe I'll bring a book and catch up on that too.


Jenster said...

Very cool!!

I got caught up on laundry yesterday - even though both Todd and Taylor were at home. That always throws me off! Today all three of them were home sick. :o(

Nikki said...

Finally, a place to go with ebooks and print books. This is awesome!

Sam said...

Lovely site - very well organized. Great work!!

ReneeW said...

I said I'd help too but life got away from me. I even registered as a contributor but I see that you all seem to have it covered. I'm impressed with the number of posts you made! I can still help if it's needed. :)