Friday, June 1

My poor neglected blog... and a little contest

I decided to take a break from posting books on Romantic Advances and give my poor neglected blog some much needed attention. I spent about an hour this morning blog hopping to all my favorite blogs. I ended up only lurking, for some strange reason blogger was revolting and didn't let me click into comments.

A call from my local bookstore on Thursday sent me scurrying over there yesterday afternoon. Some of my June book order was in:

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James--I've read about 1/2 of this already. It's probably safe to say I'm an Eloisa James fangirl. I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Set in the Georgian period there's this fun naughty feel to it. I'm enjoying the h/h, but I can already tell there's a book that's being built to. Two of the secondary characters are married but have been living separate lives. I have a feeling that their relationship will be the series arc and am already looking forward to that one. Now, was that vague enough--LOL.

Abandon by Carla Neggers--I've only recently discovered Carla Neggers, having only read a couple books. I liked her writing voice and style enough to add her to my autobuy list. I'm very picky when it comes RS, so far she works for me.

Lady Beware by Jo Beverley--this one was a no brainer. I've been a Jo Beverley fan for years and how could I possibly pass up a "Rogues" book :D

Wild, Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton--I think this was actually a May release, but I hemmed and hawed last month, read a few good reviews and decided to give it a try. If I'm picky about Romantic Suspense, I'm even more so about Erotic Romance, only getting one or two a month. Wild, Wicked and Wanton is this months pick.

A quick little contest:

Book Cover
I discovered I have 2 copies of Nalini Singh's Visions of Heat. Since I'm too tired to come up with something clever I'm going to think of a number between 1 and 100. Make sure you list a number in your comment. Closest wins.

Pretty easy, right?


Megan Frampton said...

I'm an EJ fangirl, too--my copy is being bundled with some other stuff from Amazon, though, so I won't get it for awhile.

And I want that book! Um....number 44.

HelenKay said...

I love Carla Neggers. She always delivers strong romantic suspense. Her name isn't thrown around with other RS heavyweights, but I think she has a really solid following. Just got Jaci's book. Very excited to give it a read...

Sam said...

Your book list is making me jealous, but I have no time to read. Argh!
I'll guess 27, but I still won't have time to read. (tho' maybe I'll make time if I win!)


mamx said...

how about number 98
im mamx

CindyS said...

I should really try James - would her books be rated as warm?

I have a Carla Neggers book but I have found it slow going.

You'll let us know about the Jaci book? I was considering buying it today at the bookstore but once again, couldn't remember where I had seen the cover before.

And I already have Visions of Heat - yum

Zeek said...

oo ME ME! (just read Slave to Sensationg and loved it!)

I'm gonna go with #14