Thursday, June 28

We're Back: The Good and The Bad

The Good--we had a fabulous time on vacation. Very relaxing, the weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful. We arrived at the Aquarium early enough to avoid the crowds. And, the breeze off the Connecticut River at the Seaport was amazing.

The Beach:

Mystic Seaport:

Mystic Aquarium:

The DH's brother and SIL moved to Rhode Island in November of last year. This was our first visit. And it was wonderful, they live 5 minutes from the beach, in a beautiful and fairly rural area. Their home is incredible, like visiting a B&B. We're hoping to go back before the end of the summer at least for a weekend.

The Bad--My sister's MIL passed away on Monday. The funeral is today. She'd been chronically ill for quite a while. We also found out my dad has a blockage in his carotid artery. Tests today and if it requires a procedure it will be done by the doctor that saved his life when the aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen.

More later...

PS--The DH finished Son of the Morning more to follow :)


Robin said...

I grew up in Connecticut and Mystic was always one of my favorite places. Glad to see it's still a nice spot.

Jennie said...

I'm glad you had such a good time on vacation! Looks like your son was having fun. :)

So sorry about the family news. Hope your dad's health improves!

HelenKay said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your bad news, but welcome back.

Rosie said...

I'm glad you are back too. Sorry to hear about the sad family news. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Your baby looks like he had a good time on vacation.

Kristie (J) said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to spend a few days.
And I'll be thinking good thoughts for your dad!!!

CindyS said...

First picture of Jr. my new favorite of him and thoughts and prayers for you family.


Tara Marie said...

Thanks all for your good thoughts and prayers, they're greatly appreciated

Robin, Mystic really is a lovely area.

Jennie and Rosie, He had a blast and can't wait to go back.

Kristie, I wish we lived nearer, we'd be there on a regular basis, very relaxing.

Cindy, he's too much--marching in the sand, he's such a ham.

Jenster said...

Your vacation looks incredible! I'm anxious to see that area.

I'm sorry about the bad news. Please let us know what they find out about your dad.