Wednesday, June 13

No idea

I've got an RTB post due next week, and have no idea what to write. The only topic I can think of may cause a riot, and to be honest I'm not completely ready to be ostracized.

Any ideas?


Jane said...

well, you have to write the column that gets you ostrasized or at least share it with your loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

how about , paranormal that are really wallflower book , meaning they are scant in magic , or other world aspect. in history one wouldnt know the time or place. i hate the lack of stuff like seem just an excuse to not do what?

Megan Frampton said...

How about returning to an author you'd previously written off because of reader blog pressure, like Lora Leigh?
And if you change your mind, or keep your same opinion.
Does someone have such a profound effect on you that you would give an author (or movie, or tv show, or fish) a try, even if you had already sworn off the thing in question?

Tara Marie said...

Megan--Nail!! Head!!


Jennie said...

Riot, riot, riot!! Controversy is fun.

Or go with Megan's idea. It's really good too. :)

Jaynie R said...

I'm all for a good riot. Want me to round up some batons?

CindyS said...

C'mon! I haven't had a chance to pop some popcorn in weeks! I could use a good rubbernecker ;)


Bev (BB) said...

Ostracized by who? Whom? Whatever. And don't you know that we, your rabid fans, will defend you to the bitter end.

Oh, wait you're not an author so does that still work? ;p

Still, I'm with Jane. Don't leave us in the dark now that you're mentioned it cause we can get testy. Rabid or not. Curiosity and all that. Where's Sybil to prove my point?


Seriuosly, though, life being what it is at the moment, I know exactly what you mean, Tara Marie. I don't have the time or the patience at the moment to come up with topics for that blog and the ones I usually do come up with I feel more comfortable using on my own blog than that one for some odd reason. I think I tend to be a tad on the snippy side lately.

And, lordy, I don't even know when my next post is supposed to be, either.

Tara Marie said...

So, my only concept probably wont cause a full scale riot, but I'm sure it would annoy a few authors and a particular publisher, that's if they actually even read it.

I'm still left not knowing what I'll write. Sometime between now and next Wednesday I'll post something remotely coherent and clever :)

Laura F. said...

I'm interested to hear what's on your mind. But then I am not the one risking controversy by reading it!

Tara Marie said...

I came up with an idea that has very little to do with books, but a lot to do with blogs. We'll see if it gets much reaction.