Friday, June 15

The Graduate

The Adorable 5 Year Old graduated Kindergarten yesterday. Big happenings at our little school. They sang some songs, told the story of Noah and the Ark, sang some more songs, and each received their diploma.

Junior was Noah, now if I'd gotten one decent picture of him as Noah, I'd have posted that. But unfortunately my digital camera isn't good enough to take pictures with a black background. I have to say he was really cute. I was amazed at how great a job the kids did--can't imagine how much work the Kindergarten teachers and the Music teacher had to put into creating the show. Every child knew their lines and got up in front of parents, teachers and the entire student body, picked up their props, walked up to the mike and spoke loud and clear--great job.

Monsignor told the history of Junior's behavior at Mass over the years. The quiet and/or crying baby at 7:30am Mass, the loud toddler, the twitchy little boy and now the well behaved "Noah"--I got all teary eyed.

We had the Grandparents and God Mother (my sister) back to the house for cake and coffee. Watched the Yankees, and went out for an early Chinese food dinner.

And, then we had our Last T-Ball Game of the year. Thank God :) followed by a trophy ceremony (the coach paid for these out of his pocket--nice man). Each kid got bubble gum and ice pops.

Does life get any better for a 5 year old?


Jane said...

Too cute.

Zeek said...

Well that's just adorable! Look at you- the Mom of a graduate already! hee

Rosie said...

Cutie pie!

nath said...

Congrats to Junior :D

now, real school starts :P and no, life doesn't get any better for a 5 years old :D and the coach was really nice :D

CindyS said...

What a great picture!

And heck, I'd like to have Junior's kind of day ;)

Congrats to mom and dad!


Devon said...

How cute! Congrats, that seems like a big milestone.

Amie Stuart said...

Awwwww what a cutie! I hope had had a wonderful graduation day!

Jenster said...

So cute!! I love Monsignor's stories about Junior. lol

And yea for no more t-ball!!

Rowena said...

So cute!