Wednesday, June 20

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy by HelenKay Dimon

If you're a fan of exceptionally good, sparkling dialogue then Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy by HelenKay Dimon is a must read.

From the Publisher:

Her mouth should be a dangerous weapon. So should his—but for different reasons. Thrown together by chance—and a pair of handcuffs—they're about to make Hawaii even steamier.


Annie Parks came to Hawaii to gather information and settle a score, not spend time handcuffed to a sexy stranger's bed. Okay, so this particular stranger saved her from drowning after she was pitched overboard by some goons. And he's about six feet of hard, Hawaiian muscle and gorgeous cool that's making forgotten parts of her say, "A—lo—ha!" She needs to stay focused, but a side dish of Kane Travers is awfully tempting.

Kauai Police Chief Kane Travers is not a vacation kind of guy. So it figures that when Internal Affairs suspended him, he'd end up rescuing a sarcastic, dishonest, extremely hot redhead who is clearly hiding something. Amnesia? Yeah, right. Kane's got half a mind to give Miss Whoever She Is something she'll never forget. His cop senses tell him that the lady's in deep and needs his protection. But how can he get her to tell him anything when all he wants is to take her home and do everything?

HelenKay's Viva Las Bad Boys convinced me that not only could she write, but she writes fantastic dialogue. Knowing this I had high expectations for YMDMC. And then I saw "Amnesia" in the blurb and went "Oh! No!" anyone that knows my reading habits knows how much I hate amnesia story lines. But it's evident Kane doesn't buy Annie's story and the fun begins. The attraction and tension between them immediate.

Annie's on a mission--revenge. And she's not talking. Well, that's not really true, she's running her amazingly clever smart mouth, but not explaining how she ended up naked on his beach. But Kane's right there with her with a come back for every one of her smart mouth comments. It's a perfect balance of dialogue--clever, sarcastic with lots of sexual innuendos.

The suspense part of the plot is good, with just enough twists and turns, but I had small issues with how the story unfolds. Annie can come clean as to what she's doing sooner, but this doesn't really take away from the suspense part of the story, and it allows the banter to continue.

Without the dialogue this would have been a good romantic suspense. But the dialogue kicks this up to Very Good and quite possibly a "Keeper".


HelenKay said...

Thank you for the lovely review!

Jaye said...

hmmm... once again my reading doppelganger has posted a review that leaves me intrigued. *g* Actually, I've been meaning to read Helenkay's work, great dialogue, good pacing and HAWT(!) work for me just fine. ;-)

CindyS said...

Adding it to the TBB list now.