Friday, June 8

Catch up

So I'm still busy copy and pasting over on Romantic Advances and still neglecting my poor blog. But the site is really coming together nicely. Make sure you check out the "Wish List" feature--love that. Still lurking at all my favorite blogs. I should be more of a social blogger next week.

I've finished two of Deidre Martin's Hockey books, neither were keepers, to be honest, I'm really not that impressed by them. Which is probably rather rude considering I'm not planning on doing reviews for them--oh, well.

I should be writing a review of Desperate Duchesses, but instead I'm watching Eddie and the Cruiserson VH1 Classics.

Am I showing my age by admitting I love that movie and the music?

Have a great weekend, we've got a busy one planned, t-ball, barbecues, fun family stuff.


Jenster said...

OH! I may have to get "On The Dark Side" for my iPod! LOL Todd and I saw that movie in the theater. How's that for showing my age!

erika said...

Shoot! I began watching Eddie and the Cruisers then flipped the channel to the awfully awful movie Cellular on the TNT channel and totally forgot to flip back to Eddie and the Cruisers. Wish I had watched E&tC instead:(

Tara Marie said...

Jen, love that song--LOL. Hey you got to see it in a movie theater. My last "date" movie was ET, it was years before we saw another one in a theater together.

Erika, I was flipping back and forth with the Yankees :)

david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good weekend

Devon said...

I love Eddie and the Cruisers. I watched The Goonies last night. That was a good flashback, too.

Kristie (J) said...

I vaguely remember watching this movie. From what I remember I really liked it but I'm blanking on whether it had a HEA or not. I do remember when I read Cool Shade by Theresa Weir thinking of this movie.

CindyS said...

The kiss in the rain scene alone is sigh worthy. I don't think it had a HEA for the H/H but I'm not really sure. Funny how there are certain movies that stay with us. I was a teen when I rented this movie - did this guy star in anything after this? He was definitely hot!


Tara Marie said...

Devon, GOONIES I haven't seen that in too many years to count :D

Kristie, it doesn't have a HEA, but it's not a romance, it's a mystery with lots of flashbacks.

Cindy, Michale Pare, hmmm, I don't think he's done much. E&tC 2, and he had a cop show back in the 80s. He wasn't a great actor, but he was pretty to look at.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I CANNOT believe I've forgotten all about Eddie and the Cruisers! I used to LOVE that movie! Thanks for the reminder! ;)