Monday, June 11

Anxiety... a busy weekend and an even busier week...

Saturday morning I woke up particularly early 5:15, noticed the child's bedroom door was open and at first thought the hubby had left it open. But realized Junior wasn't in his room, and he wasn't in our room or the bathroom. I fly down the stairs he's not in the living room, dining room or kitchen. Anxiety and panic were setting in--I found him out on the back porch, quite comfortable on the wicker sofa.

Last week I spent an entire day resurrecting our back porch, it's enclosed with 3 walls of windows. For the last years it's been the collection spot for all things that didn't have a "home" somewhere in the house. Mostly outdoor decorations for various holidays and school stuff, I can't believe how much paperwork 1 kindergartner can generate :) I also rearranged the furniture giving us a TV area and an eating area, which is great for entertaining as it adds much needed space to our little house.

Apparently Junior thinks this is one cool room, and he wants to move in permanently.

Saturday was T-Ball and Sunday was Mass, shopping and a barbeque.

Monday's school obligations. Tuesday's Bingo. Thursday's Kindergarten Graduation, his last T-Ball game (thank God) and an end of season pizza party. Saturday is the Little League Barbeque and we're going out to dinner with my dad. And of course, Sunday is Father's Day--Brunch at the BILs.

Honestly, I don't know how working mom's do it all.

ETA: Hooray for me, I managed to make it through my entire blogroll and even posted comments. Now I really have to go--errands, you know.


Ann Aguirre said...

Wow, I'm glad it was a false alarm. Your heart must've been pounding like mad.

Jaynie R said...

glad it was a false alarm. When it happened to us, the daughter (then 3) was down the corner at the park. Total nightmare for 10 minutes.

Tara Marie said...

Annie--He's almost 6 so he knows better than to go out.

Jaynie--I can't imagine how scarry that was.

CindyS said...

So was he sleeping? What a cutie. I know that when I was young if I got up to go to the bathroom, I could end up almost anywhere but at least I always just looked for another place to fall. Maybe the room was on his mind.