Tuesday, June 19

Busy Week and Vacation...

Once again we're having a very busy week. So of course a couple of monkey wrenches get thrown in. Junior has a little bit of a cold, yesterday he was very tired and a little feverish, nothing horrible, but that left us home for the day. Today we had a funeral (a well loved Parish Priest--standing room only in our little church) in the morning and I got called in to work bingo this afternoon, got paid for this one, can't complain. Tomorrow the errands I didn't get done on Monday. Thursday an early morning meeting at school.

And Saturday we leave for VACATION in Rhode Island.


CindyS said...

At least Jr. is getting the cold out of the way before vacation and I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your parish priest.

Have a great vacation!


Sam said...

Have a Great vacation!!

Tara Marie said...

Cindy, the getting the cold out of the way was my thought too :) Thank you Father will be missed.

The plan is to have a great vacation--thanks Ladies.