Friday, May 25

odds 'n ends...

I haven't read anything all week. School stuff and other things seem to be taking up a lot of time.

Somehow I was named chair of a new committee at school, Marketing and Publicity. This happened at a meeting I wasn't even attending. So, I've been busy collecting rate charts for the various newspapers, and gathering press release info for radio and television stations as well as newspapers. I need to come up with a budget and plan by June 21st. I also have to design an ad that will be in a local "Parenting" magazine, this I need to do next week. I also need to create an ad for our graduates.

Junior only has 2 weeks left of school. Graduation is June 14th. The Kindergarten class is putting on a play about Noah and the Ark. Junior's Noah, I was able to borrow a Joseph costume (my nephew was Joseph in a Christmas Pageant a few years ago and that costume fits) but I still have to make a beard. To quote the music teacher "Whatever you do, don't cover up the beautiful face." :D

He was supposed to be able to tie a bow by today. He's left handed and I'm having a heck of time teaching him, it's the reason he wears loafers. I have a feeling they're testing them today. Do you think you can fail Kindergarten because you can't tie?

We have a barbeque tomorrow and a day trip planned for Sunday, maybe I'll find time to read Monday, probably not--LOL.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and buy a poppy.


Megan Frampton said...

Wow! My son (7 y.o.) STILL can't tie a bow.

He's left-handed, too, and is very pleased with himself when I tell him more creative types are left-handed.

Yay for graduation and bbqs. Post a pic of your Noah, if you can.

Tara Marie said...

Megan, I've been ignoring the "please teach your child to tie" notes all year. Honestly isn't they wat velcro was invented for. :D

Will do on the pictures.

CindyS said...

Do you have a background in marketing? Cause I would be crying!

I don't think my 11 year old Godson can tie his shoes either - his mom (my best friend) made noises about someone else teaching him - I think she was hoping I would do it - I'm waiting until he's old enough to actually wonder how to tie his shoes ;)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Ann(ie) said...

"Wow! My son (7 y.o.) STILL can't tie a bow."

Ditto. My son is almost eight, also left-handed, and cannot tie well. We do velcro sneaks and loafers for dress. No biggie.

Tara Marie said...

Cindy, I have some marketing and publicity experience, not a lot, but I'm willing to do it, so I guess that makes me "qualified"--LOL.

He will learn before he's 11. But probably not before he's 6 :D.

Shoe tieing is on the agenda for the summer.

Annie, all these left handed kids :) I tie his sneakers in double knots and he slips them on. And, I really like loafers, they look good with his uniform.

From what I can see they make velcro for kids sizes 0-13, but not in larger sizes, but then they make them for old people too, my dad hates having to tie his shoes, but then because of health reasons he can't really reach his feet these days.