Monday, June 20

Bad Dialogue--Just Shoot Me...

A few weeks ago I picked up five contemporaries (romantic comedies) by the same author. I've read her blog, she IS very funny, I thought I would love her books. I went through a run of really bad contemporaries earlier this year, but I thought I would give this author a try--eeeekkkk. My complaint is once again the same--the dialogue is horrendous.

Do women who write romantic comedies actually ever talk to men? Listen to men talking to other men? I've come to the conclusion that the men in my life must be odd and speak differently than other men, because the men in almost all contemporary romantic comedies sound like women.

Words my husband (or any other man I know) wouldn't use when talking to other MEN:
  1. chagrin
  2. gee whiz--please, you've got to be kidding.
  3. relationship
  4. pray tell
  5. impotent--I'm sure men use this word, but only with a doctor.
  6. creepy--it would be "f*cking creepy.

Two words I don't ever want to hear out of a hero's mouth, "Ooo, ooo..." Is that actually considered two words or one?

Do authors believe men sit down and talk about "relationships" the same way women do? No way.


sybil said...

you so must email me and tell me what books :D

Wendy said...

I also have it on good authority that no man would say "yummy." And romance hero's seem particularly fond of that word - especially during love scenes....

Anne E. said...

You are right -- most men don't talk that way -- but I have heard my son say "pray tell" in a rather cutting manner. He likes historical novels, historical mysteries, and the works of Patrick o"Brian, Alexander Kent,and J.R.R. Tolkien, so he comes by his turns of phrase "naturally."

And I may be wrong, but I would be willing to bet that most men don't go around talking about impotence or erectile disfunction, no matter what Bob Dole says!

Nicole said...

You are so telling the yahoo group who the author is. Pllllllease?

Kristie (J) said...

Those are a hoot and nope, guys don't use them.
And oh yes, to Sybil and Nicole.

Bookwormom said...

OK Tara, spill the beans. We're dying to know.

BTW- hubby says men sometimes do say yummy, but only in reference to, umm certain activities or body parts.

Tara Marie said...

I feel guilty telling--LOL. It's only my opinion. I'm whispering this--Elizabeth Beverly is the author and I love the Squawk Radio blog--she and the other ladies are hysterical.

Wendy/Amanda--"yummy", I'm not even sure I use that one.

Anne E.--my husband has used "pray tell", but not while hanging with the guys.

Anne E said...

My grandson is starting to talk like Edmund Black Adder! He loves the series and I gave him my VHS set recently (my excuse to go buy it on DVD). He hasn't gotten the timing down yet, although he is working on his accent. It is so funny to hear a 10 year old say, "By the Queen of Spain's beard!"