Saturday, June 25

Sweet Lullaby

I just finished Lorraine Heath's Sweet Lullaby. I can't say how long it's been since I cried this much reading a book. Great, wonderful, fantastic book, but I don't know who I was more pissed off at Rebecca for leaving or Jake for letting her go. And, why did it take her 3 months to realize she shouldn't have left?

Off to pick another book, with all the books I now have waiting for me, I really want to read Laura Lee Guhrke's The Marriage Bed, which I don't have.


Anne E. said...

Tara, would like your input on my new blog post.

Mary Stella said...

How lovely that a book touched you so much, Tara Marie!

Kristie (J) said...

Isn't it a wonderful book?? And you do cry for Jake don't you? When he's wrapped in the barbed wire or visiting the prostitute - so many wonderful moments. I think this one definitely needs a reread. All her early books are like this one. You compare that to what she is putting out today and it makes me want to weep for what's lost. Whooee, I just visited her web site and she is coming out with another western in 2006. Oh darn, it's in an anthology