Friday, June 10

Is this true???

Thank you Maggie Osborne!...I read that you are retiring.I wish you all the best that life has to offer you. Your excellent stories,which by the way are "keepers" for me,will be sorely missed.Thanks for the hours of happy reading you've given me.

I just lifted this from RT's Favorites Board. Is this true?? I don't read many westerns and my favorite western writer is retiring, it's just not right!!


Wendy said...

Sad to say, it is true. In my mind Osborne didn't get nearly enough "hype" as some authors with half her talent - but there you go.

By all accounts she sounded ready to retire. Wanted to spend time with her family and not have deadlines looming over her head. And after her long career, can we really blame her?

Still, very sad to see her retire.

McVane said...

Yes, she announced her retirement a couple of months ago. I almost wept as I love her books, but it's good that she chooses to retire, rather than being forced to jack in her writing career due to poor book sales or such.

Tara Marie said...

Well, I will certainly miss her work, I already re-read several of her books. I wonder if she has anything that was already in progress when she decided to retire.

Wendy said...

My understanding is no. FOXFIRE BRIDE was the official last book.