Monday, June 13

The Memory is Shot!!! aka "Crap, I Already Read This!!"

So far this month I've finished 9 books, which is pretty good considering today is the 13th. But, I've started and skimmed another 5 books and realized "Crap, I already read this." The memory is shot, for years I've relied on my memory to keep track of books, and usually when I picked up a book and read the blurb, I remembered it--good, bad or ugly. If I thought it was "great" it would already be on my keeper shelf.

I now need lists. I've got TBR lists, To look for lists, trade lists, wish lists, keeper lists. And, that's just the lists related to books. I've got shopping lists and phone call lists and list to keep track of when bills need paying. I keep schedules for school, doctors, hairdressers.

OMG, I've become my mother, how is this possible. I used to make fun of my mom with all her lists and calendars--what the heck happened.


SCarrGo said...

My hubby likes the fact that he forgets what he has already read. He can read the same books over (likes Tom Clancey and the Dune series) and get most of the way through the book before he suddenly remembers how it ends.

sybil said...


I did this yesterday. I bought Because You're Mine and half way through it KNEW I read it. Went hunting through the stacks ;)

yep had it, bought it NEW... at least this copy was used.