Thursday, June 16

A Little of This and a Little of That

I've been reading like a fiend for the past two days. Seven books from the trade group have arrived and I have read 2 and am half way through a third.

The Vampire Viscount--by Karen Harbaugh
I really enjoyed this book. It makes me realize I'm missing out by not reading more traditional Regencies. This book was fast paced and extremely entertaining and all of 227 pages.

Amber By Night--by Sharon Sala
For some reason I like librarian plots. I know they're stereotypical and not realistic, but I like them anyway. This wasn't the best one I've read, but it was a quick read.

A Countess Below Stairs--Eva Ibbotson
I am really enjoying this book, I'm only half finished, but can see why it's on Maili's keeper list. Though I do think the villianess is being used as an extreme foil for the lovely Anna.

Today is Moving Up Day at my son's nursery school. I'm hoping to have A Countess Below Stairs finished before we leave at 9:45. For some reason the Grandparents and 2 Aunts have all decided to come to this little ceremony. We're taking Junior out for a Chinese Food lunch. He's very excited, Chinese is is favorite and he would eat it every day if he could (he's his mother's son--LOL--I'd eat it every day too).

Yesterday, Junior and I went shopping for Father's Day gifts. Somehow we managed to get in and out of Barnes & Noble without buying any books for Mommy. Of course, we didn't get out without Junior having to eat at the Starbucks in the back of the store. I don't drink coffee, but I had to have a Chocolate Fudge Caramel Brownie. I needed that like I needed a whole in my head or another inch on my hips, which is probably where the brownie settled. The store is new and this was the first time I've brought Junior with me. He was very excited as soon as we walked through the doors. "Mommy, they have food here. I'm hungry I need lunch."

We spent the whole day running around, and I realized, while in Lowes, I'm almost as addicted to flowers as I am to books. I couldn't get out of that store without buying 2 more plants for my perennial beds.

Got to go, I want to finish reading and still have to make breakfast for the DH and Junior.

Have a great day, and happy reading.

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