Wednesday, June 8

Surviving the Picnic and Procrastinating

Well, we survived the picnic. It was more like 300 children and almost as many adults, what a zoo. All the kids from the school were wearing white t-shirts and most had blue jean shorts, it was almost impossible to find a child in the sea of white and blue. Junior had a great time and I had to drag him out kicking and screaming. It was 90 degrees, thank God for the breeze and the temperature under the pavilion had to be 10 degrees cooler. One of my girlfriends (my son's "best friend's" mother) swore she would be there 1/2 an hour early, I knew this was impossible (she's never on time), so it was a good thing I got there early because I snagged 2 picnic tables under the pavilion for our group.

When we got home we received bad news. One of our BIL's brothers passed away. He'd had a massive heart attack and open heart surgery 10 days ago, he was in desperate need of additional surgery (he had an infection that they couldn't get under control and his blood pressure with medication was only 60/40) and would have needed a heart transplant if he had survived. The really frightening part of all this he was only 49, no history of heart disease in the family and he died on his son's 25th birthday. So, so sad. Tomorrow is the wake, my mom will watch our son so we can go.

On a much, much lighter note, I've realized books are overrunning our lives and space. I need to reclaim our home office, the shelves in here are a jumbled mess as well as the 8 boxes of books that at one point had been in some semblance of order, but now are an absolute disaster. In addition to the shelves and boxes in the office I have about 1000 books library organized on shelves on our back sun porch. I'm going to be going through everything and deciding what is really a keeper and what can be traded, sold or donated. If I can actually get the office taken care of we may be able to put in a futton and a couple of tables and voila we have a home office, reading room and guest space. I'd love to turn the space into nursery, but I can't convince my husband he's not to old at 47 to have another baby and he also has the nerve to tell me "you're eggs are too old." Hey, I'm only 41, my grandmother had my aunt when she was 44. I also can't convince him to put heat on the sun porch so we can use it as a library/home office in the winter.

I reread Eloisa James' His Wicked Ways last night. I know so many people don't like "long separation" and "adultery" stories, but for some reason this book so works for me.

I've got to go.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

First- Condolences & prayers to you & your family on the death of your relative.

Second- 'Your eggs are too old?!' WTF? Jeeez Louise. Glad he's not mine I'd have beaten him.

If you start weeding, please post a list. I'm always looking to expand my TBR.

Tara Marie said...

1. Thank you, prayers are always apprciated.

2. The man really does need an occasional smack.

3. I'm seriously thinking about adding something in the sidebar for all my "extra" books.

Mary Stella said...

My condolences, Tara, to you and your family.

Good luck with your reorganization. I still have to finish the new home office/2nd guest bedroom project I started months ago. (Yes, I put in a futon.) I also just won a Knights Templar sword in a silent auction to go with my other book/author decor in that room.

Angry Woman said...

My condolences to you and your family.

Isn't it fun trying to figure out how to reorg the home office. Mine's still hasn't been straightened out yet, it's been a year since I've moved into this place and I still have two boxes of clothes I have yet to unpack.


Tara Marie said...

Mary and Amy, thank you for your kind thoughts.

For some reason our home office doubles as a junk room, it's where I put everything that doesn't have a permanent home. I can't stand it.

Amy--don't feel bad, one of BILs and his wife have been in their house for 3 years and they still have boxes that aren't unpacked (in particular her home office). She constantly complains about not having enough space--it has 3 bedrooms, 2 home offices, living room, family room... and they only have one child.

Megan Frampton said...

Tara Marie:

My sympathy to you and your family for your loss.

And I loved Your Wicked Ways, too. Maybe you could whack your husband with the book now you're done with it? A good read AND a handy weapon!