Friday, November 11

Hey Erika, one more thing...

I didn't want my comment back to you regarding Lydia Joyce's The Music of the Night to get lost because of all my other posts.

One of the things I like about this book is the heroine (Sarah) is from abject poverty, but that hasn't stopped her from rising to become a Lady's Companion. The heroine is strong on her own, she doesn't need Sebastian and in fact Sarah makes him the better person. And, that's why I consider this an "adult romance".

What I also like about this book--she comes from poverty, but it's not a Pygmalion/My Fair Lady Story. She has already pulled herself out of poverty on her own, with a help from a friend, who we never actually meet. She makes hard and sometimes practical choices and lives with them, without too many regrets and always looks forward not back. She knows what she wants out of life and takes the paths that will get her there.

To be honest, Sebastian is an idiot at times and the revenge plot line doesn't ever show him in a favorable light.

It's an interesting book. I'm not trying to talk you into, just explain why for me it's an "adult romance" and why it works. I'm not on the AAR message boards very often, I'm usually over there checking out reviews. I'm kind of assuming "adult" is being used as a euphemism for "non-virgin" which would also work in this case.


Sam said...

I think the very first post on your blog I read was about the virgin character, lol.
Here we go again.

In 'The Argentine Lover' my heroine is a virgin. And believe me, it's an adult romance, LOL.
Maybe adult romance means the heroine isn't a virgin at the end of the book?

Anne E. said...

Hi, Tara. I have been so busy lately that I h aven't checked out your blog in a while. I'll come back and read more tomorrow.

erika said...

Hey Tara Marie, it appears this heroine is the female version of some of Lisa Kleypas' heroes who pulled themselves out of the gutter by good and bad means--Derek Craven comes to mind.
I sorta assumed rather quickly that the description adult romance is an 'euphemism for a non virgin heroine'. And now that I've thought about it, that's a good thing for this picky reader who likes to know these things before buying a book.