Monday, November 14

The Library

Today, while running errands after school I decided to stop at our local library. I can honestly say I completely under utilize it, but now that Christmas is upon us I'm doing the frugal thing and not buying books, I may be taking greater advantage of it. Not that I don't have a huge TBR pile, but for some reason this doesn't seem to count because nothing on it seems appealing, that is at least for now.

We picked up 2 kids videos, 2 kids books and 2 books for me. We didn't have much time and after picking out things for Junior I only had enough time to peruse the "popular reading" selections which included Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Match Me If You Can and a Mary Jo Putney that I can't seem to remember the title of, I haven't read MJP in a few years, but figured 'hey, it's a library book, I'm not paying for it.'

While Junior is in Tae Kwon Do tomorrow, I'm going back with a list. Now, I actually have to make a list.

Have a great night and happy reading.


erika said...

I haven't been to my local library in ages. And they've built a new main library and there's also a new neighborhood library. I think that I need to renew my library card and pay a visit especially with all those $9 books being published.

Sam said...

I love the local library...Lots, lol.
(and alliterations, obviously)
When I go back home to upstate NY I go to the bookstore and the library about the same. The library there doesn't have a huge choice of adult books, but it's terrific for kids' books.
I prefer our little local bookstore to the big B&N - there is a list on the wall of recommended reading, and it's fun to see books by local authors as well.

Heather said...

As an avid reader, I use my library on a regular basis as well as the library in the next county! I love that I can put books on hold online with both of them. Sure beats taking my three boys with me to look at books! The books I want to read that I can't find at my library, I get from My mom bought me a membership for my birthday and I love it!