Tuesday, November 22

Romantic Suspense--good, but not great

Killing Time by Linda Howard, Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts and Superstition by Karen Robards--the three romantic suspense novels I've read in the last week. I guess the Linda Howard could be called a time travel, but it's still a romantic suspense too.

What do these three books have in common? They were all good, entertaining reads, not very good, not great, but nice solid reads. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, on one hand I find myself entertained and that should be good enough, and yet on the other, I'm disappointed the books weren't better. Each and every one had the potential of becoming very good or great, but never quite got there.

I find this to be true with most romantic suspenses. I'm rarely wowed and yet I'm still entertained. Does this make sense? Are my expectations too high?

That's it for now, more deep thoughts later, after I clean the house.

Have a good one and happy reading,



ReneeW said...

I liked Killing Time more than you, but I am such a huge fan that I have probably lost my perspective :) I have read quite a few average & a couple good rom susp lately, but Stuart's Black Ice was definitely a WOW. I may try Blue Smoke, but I'm not so sure about Superstition since the last couple KR's I have tried were hard to get into.

Rosario said...

The one romantic suspense which has been WOW lately was The Shadow Side, by Linda Castillo. And even that one wasn't perfect, just very good.

Tara Marie said...

Renee, I agree--Black Ice was a WOW, but I read that a while ago, I seem to live in the immediate now--LOL. I normally love Linda Howard, but this one didn't do it for me.

Rosario, I've never read Linda Castillo, but I'll look for this one. Thanks.

Sam said...

I've never read anything by Karen Robards, but I have several books by Nora Roberts and Linda Howard. And even if I liked the books I didn't love them.
I used to love Mary Sterwart's books - maybe I was spoiled, lol. I haven't found anyone who writes romantic suspense like she did.

CW said...

KT and BS were about middle of the road for me; I'm glad they were library books. I haven't read many romantic suspenses lately (2005, 04, 03, etc) that blew my socks off--is the genre going through a slump, you think?