Friday, November 4

Sacrament by Susan Squires

I've finished 2 books in the last couple of days, Not So Innocent by Laura Lee Guhrke was the first. It was a good book, set in the late 1890s with a psychic heroine and a Scotland Yard Inspector with murder, mayhem and a Jack The Ripperesque villain.

I decided to read this one before Susan Squires' Sacrament, I'm afraid I'm going to vampire myself out, since I've never been a fan of Feehan or Kenyon and I had a tendency to base my opinion of the vampire romances by their works.

I started Sacrament last night and finished it while waiting to pick Junior up after school. I really enjoyed this book, and yet I don't think it was as good as The Companion and The Hunger. There is an underlying feeling of anxiety and dread as you're reading which is very compelling. I think TC and TH take the feeling of dread one step further which made them scarier books.

Off to read the new Lydia Joyce, picked it up at B&N today.

Have a great weekend and happy reading.

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Jennifer Macaire said...

I finished 'Night Watch' by Terry Pratchet (I think it was the best of his I've read - just wonderful) and I'm about to start on 'The Delicate Storm' by Giles Blunt.
I read his first book, 'Forty Words for Sorrow' and enjoyed it, so I hope I'll love this one too!