Tuesday, November 22

question of the day...

Like most cute and precocious 4 year olds, my child comes up with the funny, little question and statements each day.

On the ride to school yesterday the question of the day was:
  • How many F's are there in "Enough is Enough"? And before I could answer he announced 20, which was fine because at that point I didn't want to explain gh=f.

While playing at a friends house the statement of the day was:

  • "You should really rethink that." This came out when his best friends brother started pounding on the floor with a plastic hockey stick.

It does my heart good that he's actually listening, but I'm not sure I like hearing my own words--LOL.

One more thought on parenting. When I was a kid, if my mom was still cleaning the house when we got home from school, it was a sign we were getting company. But, we knew better than to ask who was coming over, this would really piss mom off. It was a sure way of hearing, "What do you think I only clean the house when we're having company?" So as I'm cleaning today getting ready for Thursday, my son just asked, "Mommy, you're cleaning who's coming over?" I chose not to be annoyed.

"The Mother's Curse." It really works.


ReneeW said...

Thanks for the wonderful laugh. It's frightening to hear your own words repeated back to you. I have discovered over the years that yes they are listening but they don't want you to know that. I still have a hard time not repeating the same things my mom used to say. But it's a battle.

CindyS said...


My friend will turn to me and ask where in the world her kid learned that phrase. I have to tell her he gets it from her.

For example, 'let's make a deal'. Sue used that all the time to get her son to do something. What a trip when her son started arguing back, 'let's make a deal' I continue to play my game and YOU go and let the dog in.