Tuesday, November 1

Mr. Incredible...aka so, you wanted pictures...

Snack time during our school party, please note the tiny cupcakes with spiderwebs--oh, and the kid's cute too.

Frozone isn't Mr. Incredible's only superhero friend, Batman is his other bestest friend in the whole world, aka Michael.

Working out, getting ready for lifting all that candy.

Going door to door is serious business.

No "trick or treat," no candy. That's the rule.

The night's finished and Petey Cat and Mr. Incredible are heading to bed.


Bookwormom said...

What a camera hound! He has a beautiful smile, Tara!

Megan Frampton said...

Cutie! I hope the SuperMom got some well-deserved rest, too.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda--he certainly is a camera hound, aka giant ham.

Megan--my family headed home around 7:30, trick or treat was over at 8:00, Anthony was in bed by 8:15, and Mommy was asleep before Monday Night Football started at 9:00.

Alyssa said...

Oh, what a cutie! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


CindyS said...

Too Cute!! Funny how you can just see what a ham he is.

My Godson's bestest friend was Batman also. Looks like superheroes are the 'it' thing this year.

We get very few kids where Bob and I live. When I lived at home we would easily get 100 kids and some years we would run out of candy! First year married and I go whole hog on the candy and pumpkins and set up to watch the kiddies. I think 3 kids showed up. I was heartbroken. By year three I had given up pumpkin carving and bought a light up one that sits on the porch all lonely. By year five, I have stopped buying candy because I'm the only one eating it! Bob buys the candy on the way home from work nowadays. I think we had the most kids ever last night but I don't get excited like I used to.

Wow, I'm such a bummer!


Tara Marie said...

Alyssa--thanks, he is cute, but once again, I know I'm prejudice--LOL.

Cindy--my parents live in a very quiet neighborhood and have given up buying candy and decorating, besides, they'd rather see their grandson. We, on the other hand, get a tremendous amount of kids. We went through 13 bags of candy on Halloween and almost ran out. In the past we've used up to 30 bags.