Sunday, November 27

Will the real Santa Claus please stand up...

Yesterday morning Junior and I ran to the supermarket. Next door is a drug store that was doing pictures with Santa. So we went over and had his picture taken and he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas, "Thomas and the Jet Engine" which we "know" Santa has already gotten for him.

While we were grocery shopping he announced, "That wasn't really Santa."

Without a beat, I told him, "I know, that was one of Santa's elves. You know Santa can't be at every event, so he sends his elves to help out. You'll know when it's the real Santa."

I thought that was a pretty good save, but I'm sure he'll ask the next Santa he visits if he's the real one or an elf.

I'm not sure how much blogging or reading I'll be getting done this month. We entertain just about every weekend between now and New Years. Crazy, but we love it.

Have a great day and happy reading,



Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Nice save! Keep up that ruse; that's what I used to say to my boys when they were younger.

Jenster said...

My dad used to play Santa for the preschool my mother worked at. When my daughter was about 3 or 4, he was asked by another preschool to play Santa. My parents happen to be watching DD that morning so we explained to her that Papa worked for Santa in December.

He came down the hall in his red suit and even though she knew it was Papa, she didn't quite know what to think.

He was picked up from their house in a police car, which was kind of disconcerting - seeing Santa in the back of a squad car. lol Then he rode on a big fire engine to the preschool.

She went on believing for several years after that. Thank goodness for the "Santa's elves" theory! lol.

Sam said...

I love kid and santa stories.
My twins were funny - when they saw santa one would scream with joy, the other with terror.

Tara Marie said...

Melanie--I thought it was a good save too.

Jenster--don't you just wonder what must have been going through your daughter's head. Papa/Santa in a police car--LOL. I agree the Elves theory is a good one.

Sam--I have 2 nieces under the age of 2 (not twins) one loves Santa the other is horribly frightened. I wonder what she must be thinking to be afraid of the Jolly ole elf.