Sunday, October 30

And the chaos begins...

Tomorrow is Halloween, big surprise right. How did this sneak up on me?

Halloween has always been a hectic day for us. For the years I worked and commuted it was a project to get home by 6:00. Our town has a curfew that allows trick or treat between 6:00 and 8:00 in the evening. Which is great because nobody shows up at your door before 6:00 or after 8:00, the local police are good about enforcing this.

Since having Junior we've had my parents for dinner on Halloween so they can see him in his costume. Well, this has now extended to my whole family and I spent the day cooking for tomorrow, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming and moping the downstairs of our house, that was between running in and out of the house helping my husband finish roofing the front porch, he finally got back to that project, but that's a whole other story. I also raked leaves and cleaned out the flower beds for winter and made sure the front porch was cleared of fishing poles, bikes etc.

At school each family is asked to help out with one school party each year, somehow I was talked into Halloween, last year I did Christmas. I volunteered to make mini cupcakes and decorate them with teeny tiny spider webs. What planet do I live on?? I finally finished frosting and decorating at 9:00 tonight.

Tomorrow before leaving for school, I have to clean the bathroom, make the beds and fix Junior's "Mr. Incredible" mask. He ripped it while visiting his Nany and Grandpa to show off the costume. I also have to make breakfast for everyone, and hubby's lunch and promised to make a batch of cookies all before leaving the house at 8:30.

After school we're going to a friends house for a little party and some trick or treating, we have to be home by 3:30 so I can have dinner on the table by 5:00. Junior knows trick or treat starts at 6:00 and will be counting the bongs on mantle clock in the living room in anticipation.

Tuesday we'll be going to 7:00 am Mass and heading to The Christmas Tree Shop. It's about an hour away. Need to start Christmas shopping. And we'll need to be home in time for Tae Kwon Do class

Just typing all that made me tired, I'm off to bed.

PS--We still have to carve the pumpkins for the front steps.


CindyS said...

Forget typing it! I got stressed just reading about it! You're a great mom to actually bake something for the school party. I would have been at the grocer's bakery in a heartbeat.

I'm so not ready for Christmas. Seeing it written is stressing me out! We normally start our Christmas shopping in June. We haven't started this year.

Okay, I need a drink.

Bookwormom said...

Jeez, Tara. I'm exhausted just reading that & it's only 7:50 am. I think you need to take Wednesday off completely & curl up with a good book & some tea & let Junior play quietly.

Karen Scott said...

Tara, I'm with Cindy, I definitely need a drink too after reading about all your activities!

ReneeW said...

OMG, I'm exhausted reading this like everyone else here. I used to be you in a former life when my two were small and was a stay-at-home mom. It's the hardest job in the world since you're working 24/7. Now working a 40-hour week is like a vacation (well almost).

Anne E. said...

I'm exhausted too! It wasn't until I went to spend a day with my son's ex-wife and her little girl from her second marriage, that I fully remembered what it was like to chase a pre-schooler around. It is almost 8 pm and I have had slightly over 30 kids at the door since 5:30 pm (no one since 7:15, so I decided to turn off the light and close the door, as everyone else on the block has done the same thing).