Wednesday, October 5

Another Good Vampire Book

I fully expected Lynn Viehl's Private Demon to be a good book. I enjoyed the first one If Angels Burn and thought it was a good set up for a series.

The odd thing is I'm not really sure these are romances, they have romantic elements--sex, but the build up of a relationship really isn't there. I'm left wondering if there is a true relationship being built. Cypien and Alex from If Angels Burn play a major part in this book and there relationship does seem to be a true love match, but you didn't necessarily feel that way at the end of their own book. Private Demon actually has a kind of strange love triangle--another vampire has been in love from a far with the heroine, Jema Shaw. The hero is Thierry Durand, he's the vampire who goes crazy at the end of If Angels Burn. Alex's brother John plays an important role in this book and he has left the priesthood since the end of the IAB

These books come really close to what I ultimately want in a vampire romance--horror. I guess this is why I like them so much. There is an underlying sinisterness and evilness that is very compelling. It's a good vs. evil story, but you're really not sure who is truly good--the vampires or the Brethern hunting them.

Reading Private Demon and If Angels Burn is like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle without a picture to follow. I have no idea ultimately where Ms. Viehl is leading and that makes me want more.


Nicole said...

Well, I heard that it was the pub who classified them as romance, not the author. So she's just telling the story, and it's not necessarily romance. Which is fine by me, but I think some diehard romance people won't like it.

Glad the second book is good. I want to read it.

Tara Marie said...

Nicole, that explains why they don't seem like romances. I liked it, I'm curious to see what others think. The only draw back--I don't think each book stands alone.