Wednesday, October 5

I Finally Gave Up

Yesterday blogger decided not to be cooperative. I spent 2 hours trying to post something new and it kept dumping me out. I finally gave up. It was a rather clever blog about how busy we've been, culminating with how my husband fell off our front porch roof Monday afternoon.

He's okay, the extention ladder actually slid out from under him, he grabbed the gutter and fell on top of the ladder when his feet got tangled in the rungs. A broken finger, a bruised tail bone, and a little sore all over.


Sam said...

Your hubby is lucky! It sounds like a nasty fall. I had trouble with the blogger yesterday too - must have been blog overload.

ReneeW said...

Ouch, poor guy. Coulda been much worse. My husband was also up on the large aluminum extension ladder this weekend when a thunder & lightning storm rolled through. Fortunately, he had enough sense to scramble off and into the house. The ladder is still out there :)