Thursday, October 27

A Strange Month

It's been a rather odd reading month for me. The list of books I've read is rather short considering I've been reading about 20+ books a month for the past few. I'll be lucky if I read 15 this month--I'm at 12 so far with only 5 days to go and I'm not really in the mood to read. The whole month has been this way, not really in the mood, but doing it anyway.

The list:

It Happened One Autumn -- Lisa Kleypas
Private Demon -- Lynn Viehl
Northern Lights -- Nora Roberts
The Champion -- Elizabeth Chadwick
The Bargain -- Jane Ashford
Bride Needs Groom -- Wendy Markham
Short Straw Bride -- Dallas Schulz
A Singular Lady -- Megan Frampton
Strange Attractions -- Emma Holly
The Dark Queen -- Susan Carroll
The Courtesan -- Susan Carroll
Crazy Hot -- Tara Janzen

Four of the books were over 500 pages, Northern Lights, The Champion, The Dark Queen and The Courtesan.

What makes it even more strange--I'm enjoying what I'm reading, even while pushing myself to actually do it. But, it has been a nice mix of books, which is probably why I'm enjoying what I read despite not being in the mood:

  • Medieval -- 1
  • Ren. France -- 2
  • Trad. Regency -- 1
  • Regency -- 1
  • Victorian -- 1
  • Western -- 1
  • Romantic Suspense -- 2
  • Contemporary -- 1
  • Vampire -- 1
  • Erotic Romance -- 1

Not a bad mix considering normally half of what I read end up being Regency period historicals.

Well, for what it's worth, that's this months stats. What are your stats this month?

Have a great day and happy reading.

One more thing, I'm heading to B&N today, so my pledge not to buy anything new lasted about a week. What can I say, I'm weak.


Bookwormom said...

Let's see. 14 total, which as you mentioned a few days ago is a huge improvement.

2 vampire

7 trad. Regency

1 Victorian

1 contemp. paranormal susp.

1 paranormal- mythology

2 long Regencies

Tara Marie said...

Amanda's got her groove back--LOL Good for you, I hope you're enjoying everything!!

Bookwormom said...

So far so good Tara!

Jay said...

heehee my 'dont buy anything' rules usually only last a week too.

This month I've read 12 books:

3 paranormal romances
1 historical romance
1 historical fiction (DNF)
6 contemporary romances (2 DNF)
1 sci fi/fantasy

hmm, seeing as how I didn't finish 3 I guess I'm having a crappy reading month as well.

Sam said...

I'm so far behind on my reading it isn't funny.
I still haven't finished my Terry Pratchet novel, and I have Guns, Germs, and Steel to read and a new book by Dan Simmons.
I read two mysteries, both by Elizabeth George, a romance by Mary Stella called 'Key of Sea', and a book called 'The Secret Life of Bees' by Sue Monk Kid that I re-read actually because I loved it so much.
I read one Terry Pratchet novel and still have two left to go.

Tara Marie said...

Sam, I've read The Secret Life of Bees 3 times--love it.

Jay, don't you just hate the DNFs, what a waste of time and money.