Tuesday, October 18

Back to the books.

Monday while Junior was in school, I did my 2 mile walk as fast as could so I had enough time to run to B&N before he needed to be picked up. I was on a mission. I couldn't wait another day, not another minute for Susan Carroll's The Dark Queen and The Courtesan. Somehow I knew these books wouldn't be in romance and I found them immediately in "Fiction & Literature." How did I know this? The covers are too lovely to be romance, but have a wonderful "historical fiction" look to them. I don't normally care much about covers, but why can't historical romances have covers this beautiful??

Forget the covers, notice I'm easily sidetracked. I'm about half way through The Dark Queen and it's definitely a romance. I'm enjoying it, but not finding enough time to read. Of course, if I had spent my time reading instead of entertaining myself over at blogthing.com, I might actually be finished with TDQ and have started The Courtesan.

Holly Lisle has a great column over on RTB. I pulled this from the end of the column:

...Passion, heart, faith, hope, courage, and soul, tucked within a framework of strong characters, a tight story, and from time to time, a good laugh.

I just love this description of what type of book she's looking for. I realized this is what fuels my obsession with books, I'm constantly looking for the perfect keeper.

After my mad dash to B&N the other day, I've decided I'm getting a little out of control. I'm not buying anything until I get my TBR pile down a little. So how long is this going to last--I give myself a week maybe two. I know, I'm weak and pathetic--LOL.

Have a great night and happy, "joy"ful reading.


Sam said...

Those covers are stunning. I'm dying to know how you like the books. I'm still trying to finish my TBR pile. My mom keeps sending me books, lol. Two mysteries arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm looking forward to them now too!

Jenster said...

Those books are at the top of my wish list.

Side note - I have a castles calendar and the castle for October is Catherine de Medici's castle. Does the book mention Chateau de Chenonceaux in Loire Valley?? Before she lived there it was the home of Diane de Poiters, mistress of King Henri II. I'm not sure how I would like that if I were (was?) Catherine...


Jay said...

The covers definitely make the story look like it's historical fiction. And, yeah, after hearing how much Renee liked it I found both TDQ and TC in ebook (at ereader.com!) I'm working on The Wedding Survivor at the moment, but I have a feeling TDQ is up next.

Anne E. said...

Tara, I have the first book and have not yet read it -- I am not a big fan of paranormal books/themes. Will this be a problem in enjoying the book(s)?

Tara Marie said...


That's a tough question, it's not really a typical paranormal, but there is a constant undertone of alchemy and witchcraft. But it doesn't take from the story. I think if you can believe Claire stumbled through the stones and can time travel, you can probably read this.


Anne E. said...