Tuesday, October 18

Joy of Joys

I've been tagged by Megan to search out the number of times I've used the word joy.

"There's no joy in Mudville" is the title of one blog. And, I've used the expression "joy of joys" twice in a rather sarcastic tone--LOL.

Okay, I'm a sarcastic toad who has no appreciation for the "JOYS" in my life--LOL. Well, that's not entirely true, I appreciate them I just don't blog about them using that term. Junior is my greatest "joy" and right now he's bugging me to get off the computer, so I've got to go.

I use "enjoy" and "happy" on a regular basis do those count?

Let's tag Cindy, Erika, and Amanda.

Have a great day and "joy"ful reading, hehehe.


Jenster said...

Thought I'd help you out. I looked up "joy" in the thesaurus and this is what was listed. Maybe you could spice things up a bit, eh?

happiness; felicity; gladness; delight; delectation; joy; joyfulness; cheer; cheerfulness; exhilaration; exuberance; high spirits; glee; sunshine; gaity; overjoyfulness; overhappiness; intoxication; rapture; ravishment; bewitchment; enchantment; unalloyed happiness; elation; exaltation; ecstacy; ecstacies; transport; bliss; blissfulness; beatitude; beatification; blessedness; paradise; heaven; seventh heaven; cloud nine; smiley face.

WHEW! Transport?? LOL!! I guess it's that whole "Ignorance is bliss", i.e., ignorance = transport. So I guess we could even say "transport is bliss" and add "ignorance" to the list??

Hope I've helped!! :o) (that would be a smiley face)


Tara Marie said...

Hey Jen,

I hope you pop back in and see this.

I still think I don't have enough of these "words" in my blog, I need to seriously work on this.

Hope you're feeling well. You must be getting close to being finished with the chemo.

I need to get over to RT more often, I miss talking with you and the ladies.


Jenster said...

It's hard to write a lot and not overuse certain words.

You're missed at RT, too.

I've been delayed twice so far so instead of finishing up on October 27th, I'll be (hopefully) getting my next treatment tomorrow and finishing up on Nov. 21st. *sigh* Oh well. What's one more month in the grand scheme of things??