Tuesday, October 18


Thanks to Jay I discovered Blogthings.com. I've spent the last hour discovering all sorts of things about myself.

  1. My IQ is 140 but I'm logically below average (one of my college professors told me I thought in circles, so I guess this one is right--LOL)
  2. My inner hair color is purple.
  3. My power color is red-orange.
  4. I believe in God and my religion (but I don't believe everyone needs to be part of my religion)
  5. My blog should be purple.
  6. I passed the US Citizen test with 9 out of 10, but I can't figure out what I got wrong.
  7. I'm 50% weird.
  8. My pimp name is Sugarlips Dynomite.
  9. I'm like Mexican Food, spicy yet dependable.
  10. I was a red headed cannibal who died of dysentery in a previous life.
  11. I'm so observant I'm lucky I remember to put underwear on in the morning--that's really bad.

Thanks to Megan I'm supposed to be counting how often I've used the word "joy" in my blog. I'm afraid each time I've used it was rather in a sarcastic tone. I'll post the results later.


Jay said...

hehe, glad I could help you while away the time! :)

Jenster said...

LOL!! I'm off to find out my true self. Thanks for the link.


Tara Marie said...

I had way too much fun with this site--LOL.