Sunday, October 2

This, That and The Other Thing

It's Sunday afternoon, I've got a sink full of dishes and need to make spaghetti sauce for dinner, but I'm here blogging instead. My husband is reroofing our front porch and I'm trying to avoid the "honey, can you get..." thing. So, I'm hiding in the home office. Why is it that I somehow manage to do the laundry, clean the house, wash dishes, replace the flooring in our foyer without once having to say "honey, can you get..." but he starts a home project and its "I could use a little help here." Juniors playing in his bedroom, this way he's not outside trying to climb the ladder and get up on the roof with daddy.

The other day I ran to the UBS/Indie bookseller and picked up part of my current book order...
  1. Private Demon -- Lynn Viehl
  2. Wedding Survivor -- Julia London
  3. It Happened One Autumn -- Lisa Kleypas
  4. Through a Crimson Veil -- Patti O'Shea

I also picked up the new RT, the link is in the sidebar--I'm being lazy today.

I've already finished It Happened One Autumn. I don't really know what I expected, but for some reason it hasn't lived up to expectations. Marcus has been a secondary character in a couple of books and I wanted his book to be spectacular. Don't get me wrong it's a good book, Lillian, the heroine, at time is incredibly headstrong, which is fine, at least she doesn't fall into the TSTL category.

This is the 2nd in the Wallflower series. The first was Secrets of a Summer Night. Which was good also, but at the end I was left really looking forward to this one, thinking this one would be even better. And, now at the end of this one I'm left looking foward to the next which I think will be better than the first 2. Of course, I've read the sneak preview and the hero of the next book was the semi-villain of this one. I love ex-villain hero's, like to see how an author redeems them.

The owner of the bookstore gave me an ARC of The Midnight Work by Kassandra Sims. It's a vampire book and she's not into them, so she was very nice and gave it to me. I'm not real sure about it, but I'll give it a try. Besides vampires the back blurb comments on zombies, sleazy French alchemists, fairies and "Fairy Land". All of which sounds cleverly funny, but what I'm really looking for nail biting terror from vampire stories. And, I'm so not into fairies and Fairy Land. Oh well.

Have a good one, and happy reading.


Angela James said...

Ohhh...I haven't heard of that one. I'll be interested to see if you like it!

CindyS said...


I don't get the whole 'could you get me...' thing. I can paint a whole room without anybody in the house but if the man does it, all I get is a bunch of, 'can you...'.

I have yelled no a few times but then I feel guilty. The worst trait my husband has is to ask me to go and pour him a pop or something when we are watching TV together. I was shocked for years that he did this. I told him I was brought up to get things yourself and to make sure you asked if anybody wanted something while you were up. Nope, instead I get asked these stupid questions but after 10 years I say no and then tell him that while he is up pouring his pop I would like one also ;)

Bless you for having a child on top of that. I might have killed Bob if we had had children.

I'm trying not to read any reviews or raves about Kleypas' new book. Too many times I have been let down by hype. I didn't really appreciate the last one as I want to read a romance. Not a book based on a sisterhood of women.


Bookwormom said...

Tara- Totally off topic here, but you're not close to Lake George are you? I watched the news about the capsizing & thought of you & your family. I assume if you're roofing you weren't leaf peeping, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Amanda, Lake George is by far our favorite vacation spot in NY. We have stayed there almost every year since we got married, 22 years ago. We actually stay in Bolton Landing which is several miles north of Lake George village. The Village of Lake George is a little too touristy for us.

We live not quite half way between Lake George and NYC. Lake George is in the Adirondacks and we live in the foot hills of the Catskills (The Mid-Hudson Valley.)

It's such a tragic story, and we feel so bad for the poor elderly involved. It sounds like a freak accident. I've heard that they think the wake of a larger tour boat may have caused it, but that seems strange only because the large tour boats don't really travel that fast, but maybe if it was close. I just don't know, the big boats can't get as close to shore as this one travels.

Lake George, Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks are just beautiful. If you ever have an opportunity to vacation there it's worth the trip. We try to make it to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake as often as we can.

Bookwormom said...

Thanks for the update!

erika said...

Hey Tara Marie, I read It Happened One Autumn and imo Lillian is abit too headstrong. I thought about putting IHOA in my ubs bag but I think I'll keep it. Who knows, it may improve on a reread. In ranking this series SoASN was much better than IHOA. I'm really anticipating Evie's and St. Vincent's story.