Monday, February 20

A dash of this and that...

We got a fuel delivery this morning--it's a good thing we're on a budget and pay monthly, 450 gallons would have been a little over $1,000. I guess we can't complain home heating oil is cheaper than heating with natural gas and propane.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the emails in my bulk mail box over on yahoo? There's 7,075 of them, when deleting 25 at time I'd have to go in and out 214 times--not happening. I guess it's a good thing they're not included in the space allotment.

Our son has decided he wants sleep dressed like his daddy. Which means sweatpants and no shirt. Pajamas are no longer part of our clothing budget, it just doesn't seem right--he's only 4. We register him for kindergarten March 2nd. I can't believe he's starting to read. Where does the time go?

For some reason I've become the family accountant and end up doing tax returns for just about everyone in the family. I promised my mom I'd be over this Friday to do theirs and asked her to get all her info together. She calls last night to tell me she missed a huge medical deduction for 2004 and she want to know if we can add it to her 2005. Of course, I'm not really an accountant and when I told her I'm pretty sure we'll have to file an amended return, she got mad at me. I don't know why she's annoyed I'm the one who does the work (well, me and Turbo Tax)--she's going to call the IRS, better her than me.

I'm reading Anne Stuarts Catspaw, I'm positive I've read it before, but it's entertaining so I'm going to finish it. I didn't feel like finishing Candice Hern's The Brides Sale, I put it back on the TBR pile.

Aren't you glad I shared all this useless info? Can everyone tell I'm procrastinating? I should be cleaning--how exciting.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

That would've been quite a fuel bill. Home heating costs are going through the roof. Our apartment is heated with natural gas, but luckily we've a small place so the costs haven't been too bad.

Husband does the taxes since I'm extremely math impaired. Over the last few years we've procrastinated later & later. It's a bummer your mom wants you to do their taxes & yet complains on top of that.

As to pjs, both of the boys wear bottoms only. I told them I don't care as long as they don't complain about getting cold. Which they don't since they sleep in loft beds up near the ceiling. Besides cute boy pjs will soon get impossible for you to find. I tried for ages for both our boys & finally gave up.

Not reading much unless it's Walt Whitman or science fair related. I'm about 1/3 of the way through The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry.

CindyS said...

Tara, is there a 'select all' feature anywhere? Having to wade through that much crap would be a sin!

Taxes. Bah. I do them and then Bob looks over them and usually finds the errors which means we don't owe as much as I think. One year I stomped out of here all furious that the government was going to get one hell of a payment. Bob normally finds a math error like claiming something only for one month when I am supposed to claim it for 12 months. Even with the tax program my head is near exploding! (Canada doesn't claim until last day in April but I start my taxes now to get an idea of the damage) I hate doing it but, if I don't, Bob waits until the last minute and no one has that kind of money laying around ;)

Hope Catspaw remains entertaining!


Jay said...

I think there's an option on the left side somewhere that lets you empty the whole thing without going page by page. But since it doesn't count towards your allotment, you could always just leave it - i think it deletes itself after 30 days or something.

I did my taxes last year and after doing them wrong the first time, then trying to figure out how much NY state owed me and how much I owed NJ I vowed I wasn't doing them again this year. I'd like to not have my head explode, thankyouverymuch.