Tuesday, February 28

Opposite ends of the viewing spectrum...

Sunday I took Junior to see Curious George. A cute little movie, rather innocuous, not how I wanted to spend Sunday afternoon, but Junior liked it and that's really all that mattered. You may have noticed I said "I" took... Yes, the darling husband bailed on us. Decided his knees hurt to much to sit in a movie theater for 2+ hours. And yet, when we returned home we found him comfortably lounging on the sofa watching The Godfather. So of course, I plopped myself down and watched with him.

Now, you may be thinking these are the opposites I mentioned in the title, and actually they could be, I could be writing about the sweet innocence of George and Ted and the dark violence of the Corleones. But I'm not...

No, the other end of my viewing spectrum was Grizzly Man on The Discovery Channel. Has anyone seen this "critically" acclaimed documentary? Holy Crow, this man was crazy, literally. But as one of his friends points out how could he not be nuts after spending so much time by himself in the wilderness.

My first thought was "narcissistic nut job" but that would be snarky and not very good on the nice scale. So I'm coming up with a different first thought...give me a minute... Okay "sad, narcissistic nut job and in need of some major psychological help."

Of the 13 summers he spent with the grizzlies he brought his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, for the last 2 seasons. And yet all the "footage" he shot was of him alone in the wilderness "protecting" and living with the bears. She was virtually non-existent. She was also terrified of bears--what the heck was she doing there?

Curious George--cute little monkey. Grizzly Man--crazy man who thought he was a ferocious grizzly bear, until the bears ate him and poor Amie. God rest their souls.

I've got to get back to reading, have a great day.


One more thought, does anyone watch Survivorman? It's my husband's new favorite show--I think he's crazy too. Survivorman, not my husband, well, my husband may be too, but I better not go there.


Bookwormom said...

I heard an interview of the filmmaker, who was one of his friends. She said he, 'the grizzly man,' or whatever he called himself, was a recovering alcoholic & drug addict, who could only stay sober by being with the bears. Apparently he told his friends & family he wanted to stay out there & if he died than he died doing what he loved.

Sounds a little off to me, but then I'm a true blue city gal, so who am I to judge? My idea of wilderness is no 7/11! LOL :P

Poor guy. I hope he's at peace now.

Tara Marie said...

He was a recovering addict and on some level I'm sure being with the bears was part of his recovery and yet watching him was like watching a train wreck. You know it's going to have a terrible ending and yet you watch anyway.

I agree I hope the poor man's at peace.

ReneeW said...

Bob forced me to sit down and watch it and I'm glad I did. The guy obviously had some mental problems. It was so strange watching it knowing how it would end. And I believe he is a peace now.

CindyS said...

No. Way. You're all shitting me! The bears ate him AND his girlfriend. Okay, I could handle it if they only ate him but, the girl? I mean, you see someone getting eaten by a bear and you haul ass!! Geez. Now there is a part of me that wants to see this and the rational part of my brain says 'it'll f*ck you up!'


CindyS said...

Holy crap. I followed the link and they shot the bear.

I have no words.


Sam said...

I find it hard to sympathise with the guy. Mostly I feel sorry for his girlfriend's family.